10 Seconds Disinfectant & Deodorizing Spray

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Shoo away odor and bacteria with 10 Seconds disinfectant spray.

Keep 10 Seconds Disinfectant Spray close at hand, and sanitize and deodorize athletic shoes after running or working out at the gym. With this shoe deodorizer and disinfectant, prevent cross-contamination of bacteria from athletic equipment. The shoe disinfectant goes to work instantly, killing everything from mold and mildew to E. coli and athlete's foot fungi. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-approved, this powerful hospital-use spray disinfectant effectively sanitizes against odor-causing bacteria found on porous surfaces, such as athletic mats and shoes. Not only does this antimicrobial kill bacteria, it also freshens shoes with a cool citrus scent.

Benefits Include:
- 10 Seconds disinfectant spray kills odor-causing bacteria
- Prevent cross contamination from germ-laden surfaces with this shoe disinfectant
- Deodorizer spray freshens shoes with cool citrus scent
- EPA-approved spray disinfectant for shoes
- Powerful hospital-use disinfectant spray kills athlete's foot fungi, E. coli and other bacteria, mold and mildew
- Size: 5 oz
- UPC: 41468030031

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