AM Lab Microfiber Cloths

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It's all shine, no grime with AM Lab Cloths.

How often do you let a friend use your smartphone to talk to someone, pass a funny video around on your tablet or let a child play a game on your laptop? With all the smudges and germs left behind, you'll want to clean these electronic surfaces regularly. Enter AM Lab Cloths. These mighty yet gentle microfiber cloths easily wipe away dirt, grime, dust, smudges, fingerprints and bacteria. The AM screen cloths work ideally for desktop computer screens, laptops and TVs, and they help clean handheld devices like smartphones, tablets and electronic games. You can even wipe keyboards with the thin, microfiber sponge-like cloths. With three screen cloths in different colors, you can designate one for home, one for work, and keep one in your purse or backpack for on the go.

Benefits Include:
- Microfiber cloths wipe away dirt, grime, dust and germs
- AM screen clothes gently remove smudges and fingerprints
- Suitable for use on electronic screens and keyboards
- Contains three AM lab cloths in various colors
- UPC: 814266010204

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Cell phones can carry 10 times more bacteria than toilet seats, but what's of more concern is sharing phones between people. Maybe your own germs won't get you sick, but what about someone else's?

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