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Antibacterial Microfiber Cloths & Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Get microfiber cloths at SQUIX to clean your phone and other various household electronic devices. From phone cleaners, to televisions, tablets and handheld gaming devices cleaners, these products work on nearly anything with a screen and most things without one. Use sanitizing sprays on your family's tablet after use so germs aren't passed back and forth. Also, electronics cleaning sprays remove smudges and fingerprints, so your devices stay looking like new.

Not only are microfiber cloths effective, they are reusable to cut back on waste and shopping. Unlike with other phone cleaners, you don't need spray and paper towels or additional cloths when using AM Lab products, just wipe away germs and store the microfiber cloths until next time. Also, AM Lab sanitizing sprays are refillable, meaning you don't need to throw out the bottle after finishing it. Plus, electronics cleaning sprays are so effective that a small amount goes a long way, lasting longer than other products.

Let microfiber cloths keep germs away from your family's fingertips. By choosing AM Lab phone cleaners, you're choosing to kill germs and keep your devices looking brand new.

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From microfiber cloths to sanitizing sprays, we carry the best products to kill germs on electronics.

With microfiber cloths and the other electronics cleaning products from AM Lab available at SQUIX, you'll find everything you need to keep germs away from your household electronics and your family. We carry phone cleaners that not only kill germs but also remove streaks, smudges and allergens. Also, AM Lab sanitizing sprays are gentle on those sensitive screens and wiring, so don't worry about damaging expensive devices. Plus, AM Lab portable electronics cleaning sprays, mini microfiber sponges and anti-schmutz gift sets that we carry allow you to bring powerful electronics cleaners with you wherever you go.

Not only do microfiber cloths remove the visible dirt and grime on your electronic screens, but they also remove bacteria and allergens that you can't see. While other phone cleaners require you to use a cloth or paper towel, AM Lab microfiber sponges feature stiff corners and edges that get into the tough areas on your devices where germs build up. Also, AM Lab sanitizing sprays are alcohol- and ammonia-free, so they don't leave a harsh residue for the next user's hands. Use electronics cleaning sprays and other products from AM Lab and continue to pass around your handheld devices without worrying about what germs are being passed around.

Keep microfiber cloths close by in your living room and your home office and take the hassle out of cleaning your devices. AM Lab portable phone cleaners available at SQUIX make it easy to wipe away visible dirt and dust on your TV and your computer screens, so your picture quality is always at its best. For bigger jobs, sanitizing sprays from AM Lab still cut cleaning time down because the microfiber exterior of the spray container allows you to spray and wipe away germs with the same bottle. Also, AM Labs electronics cleaning sprays and microfiber cloths are fun and stylish looking, so you don't need to hide them out of sight and out of close reach.

In addition to microfiber cloths in the standard size, we also carry mini microfiber sponges that travel easily in purses, backpacks or briefcases. Instead of lugging phone cleaners back and forth to work, just use the mini sponges on your work computer screens and other electronics to remove 99.9% of schmutz. Also, unlike other sanitizing sprays, AM Lab anti-schmutz spray features a microfiber exterior, which cuts back on the amount of products you need to travel with to stop the spread of germs on your devices wherever you are. Look for electronics cleaning sprays and microfiber cleaning cloths gift sets to give your friends and family the same protection your electronics have.
Products 1 - 6 of 6

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