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Babyganics Hand Wipes & Baby Hand Sanitizers

Babyganics Sanitizing Wipes, Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer & Hand Soap

Pack Babyganics hand sanitizer from SQUIX when you go out with baby to keep hands cleans when there is no soap or water available. Toss Babyganics hand wipes into your bag as well to clean surfaces baby touches, like strollers and shopping carts, to keep germs at bay. All Babyganics wipes are alcohol free and suitable for children's skin. And our alcohol free hand sanitizer is the perfect companion for fighting germs on the go with baby on board.

Be prepared with Babyganics hand sanitizer in your diaper bag, so you can keep germs under control during every outing. Take Babyganics hand wipes to the mall or playground to wipe down small hands after kids go exploring. Store Babyganics wipes easily into your purse as well for times when you take kids along for last-minute errands. And with alcohol free hand sanitizer in a convenient travel pack you can also manage germs in doctor's offices or school gyms quickly and easily.

Use Babyganics hand sanitizer to keep hands clean without alcohol. Also try Babyganics hand wipes which are free of parabens and sulfates.

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Fight bacteria with Babyganics hand sanitizer, killing 99.9% of germs.

Rely on Babyganics baby hand sanitizers and hand soaps, as well as other Babyganics products from SQUIX, to fight germs without harming sensitive skin. Using Babyganics hand wipes kills germs without the irritating effects of alcohol. And these baby hand sanitizers are extra gentle as they feature natural moisturizing ingredients. Babyganics alcohol free hand sanitizer is also free of dyes, fragrances and other additives that may cause irritation.

Bring Babyganics hand sanitizer on a play date, so the kids can have fun without spreading germs to each other. Use Babyganics hand wipes to sanitize hands after your child touches another kid's toys. And Babyganics wipes can be used frequently without leaving hands dry or chapped. Also keep alcohol free hand sanitizer in the car or stroller to disinfect hands after the play date is complete so you don't take home any uninvited germs.

Toss Babyganics hand sanitizer from SQUIX in your tote for a trip to the supermarket with your child to keep germs at bay while you shop. Sanitize with Babyganics hand wipes, as kids love to touch everything on the store shelves. And with Babyganics wipes you can also sanitize the shopping cart where children sit, or tend to touch and hold on. With alcohol free hand sanitizer, you can also reduce the transmission of germs from your own hands to your child after unpacking groceries.

Include Babyganics hand sanitizer in your bag for a visit to the park or playground. Clean hands after kids touch swing set chains, sliding board rails or other playground equipment. Also use Babyganics wipes to disinfect their favorite ball or doll after it has been to the park. With alcohol free hand sanitizer, a final disinfection of hands after a day of outside fun reduces the germs you'll take back to the house.
Products 1 - 5 of 5

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