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Purse Hooks & Handbag Hanger

Clipa Bag Hanger, Bag Hooks & Handbag Hook

Look for Clipa purse hanger products for reliable and sturdy support when you want to hang your handbag up in a restaurant, under the bar or in public restroom. Long-lasting purse hooks that are available at SQUIX, these must-haves are made from a super-strong material that holds up to 33 pounds. A unique design allows these bag hanger clips to slip easily into your tote, backpack, pocket or briefcase, so you can bring these handy hooks anywhere. With Clipa bag hooks, keep your purse, jacket or diaper bag off the floor and away from bacteria.

Take a Clipa purse hanger with you when you're traveling the country on a family road trip, and have a hook at the ready for any restroom break. Bring one of these purse hooks to the office, and take a handbag hanger out for after-work cocktails when you want to store your satchel close by. These bag hanger clips are perfect for college students who want to keep their belongings off classroom floors. Keep these bag hooks nearby for a little extra hand when you're changing diapers.

Bring your Clipa purse hanger products with you during road trips. These sleek purse hooks never need polishing.

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  • Clipa 2 Matte Silver Clipa 2 Matte Silver
    Clipa 2 Purse Hanger & Bag Hangers
    Clipa 2 Matte Silver Clipa 2 Matte Silver Clipa 2 Purse Hanger, Purse Hooks & Bag Hanger With the Clipa 2 purse hanger handy, you don't need to put your purse on the ground anymore. Simply place the purse hooks on a table edge and let the bag hangers keep your personals elevated from dirty public floor space.
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Lightweight Clipa purse hanger clips fit easily onto rails, sinks, walls and countertops.

The Clipa purse hanger will quickly become your go-to accessory, whether you're headed to a trendy cocktail lounge or off to a family restaurant. These purse hooks offer an array of functions, including holding your purse under the bar and keeping a diaper bag in check while dining out. These innovative bag hanger clips feature a simple ring design with an automatic snap-back, so the handbag hangers are easy to use, from your office to your car. Look for these sturdy bag hooks at SQUIX and discover other products from Clipa to help you ease through life's daily hang-ups.

You'll feel better with Clipa purse hanger clips, especially when you're out with your little ones and there are few places to hang a diaper bag or your child's winter jacket. With these purse hooks, store the baby's diaper bag, bottle bag and extra clothes wherever there's a rail, countertop or corner wall available, and your little tyke's necessities are always within easy reach. Try these bag hangers at the supermarket so your purse and baby's diaper bag don't have to touch the interior of the shopping cart, which can be riddled with germs you or baby don't need. Teach children to use bag hooks like these inventive handbag hangers, and when they're carrying the Clipa hangers, they can keep their coats and lunchboxes from germy surfaces when other hooks aren't around.

Imagine yourself without Clipa purse hanger products when you're in a crowded and dirty public restroom during a baseball outing with the family. Without one of these purse hooks, you'd have to place your handbag on the grimy concrete floor and then constantly keep an eye on your handbag as well. Pack these Clipa bag hangers in your purse, pants pocket or coat pocket when you're traveling on family road trips, and you've got an instant handbag hanger for every rest stop. Clip these bag hooks to your car headrest and when you have to hit the brakes hard, your bag stays in place and your pocketbook, brush and other belongings won't fly out.

The Clipa purse hanger products are made to last, and the Clipa handbag hanger can withstand daily use for up to 10 years. These purse hooks are tough and super-sturdy and the durable metal can hold up to 33 pounds. Although incredibly strong, these bag hangers from Clipa are also ultra-lightweight, so you can pop one in your tote without feeling like you're toting around a brick. You'll love how these bag hooks keep their shine without tarnishing, and your friends and family members will love these handbag hangers for holiday, anniversary, birthday, and retirement gifts.
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