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Clorox Antibacterial Soaps & Disinfectant Sprays

Clorox Wipes, Antibacterial Wipes, Disinfectant Wipes & Clorox Toilet Wand

Include Clorox antibacterial soap from SQUIX in your germ-fighting routine for everyday housecleaning. Get Clorox wipes to disinfect kitchen countertops used for food preparation and reduce the risk of germs. Sanitize with disinfectant spray and remove bacteria and viruses from bathroom surfaces including the toilet and sink. Antibacterial wipes are also helpful for reducing germs on doorknobs and TV remotes.

Spring cleaning with Clorox antibacterial soap helps sanitize surfaces in the home that may have been ignored all winter, from laundry room shelves to basement hand railings. Use Clorox wipes to tend to all the window sills, and then open the windows to let in fresh air. Spritz disinfectant spray on all the surfaces in your home, from tile to glass, to remove germs that can cause illness. Then break out the antibacterial wipes to disinfect summer toys that have been sitting in storage.

Clean fine china with Clorox antibacterial soap for special occasions. Sanitize your living room with Clorox wipes for a fresh area for entertaining guests.

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Wash dishes with antibacterial soap and hot water on days you don't use the dishwasher.

Use Clorox antibacterial soap to deep clean your kitchen, thoroughly sanitizing the kitchen sink and stovetop, as well providing a deeper clean for dishes. Get Clorox wipes for disinfecting kitchen surfaces, like the refrigerator door handles and cabinet handles which become contact points for the transfer of germs. Sanitize household appliances with disinfectant spray like Clorox spray to prevent the spread of germs on refrigerators and stoves. Also with antibacterial wipes, sanitize the kitchen table with a quick swipe to reduce viruses and bacteria.

Keep Clorox antibacterial soap in a bathroom dispenser to minimize the spread of germs on a daily basis. Then use Clorox wipes to sanitize bathroom surfaces where germs can linger like the toilet flush handle and sink faucet handles. Use disinfectant spray and a Clorox toilet wand to thoroughly sanitize the toilet inside and out. Also use antibacterial wipes to disinfect bathroom light switches and door knobs with to help prevent germs from spreading throughout the house.

In the nursery, Clorox antibacterial soap and a sponge with warm water minimizes germs that can cause illness, as infants are more susceptible to viruses than healthy adults. Get Clorox wipes to sanitize crib railings or other surfaces babies touch often. And spritz disinfectant spray on changing tables and diaper pails. And use antibacterial wipes to kill germs that can linger on baby toys.

Try Clorox antibacterial soap to clean surfaces in the home office and sanitize surfaces where germs can settle, like desks and desk chair armrests. Also use disinfecting wipes to quickly disinfect the computer keyboard and the mouse. And a spritz of disinfectant spray on the home office phone minimizes the spread of germs every time you answer a call. Take antibacterial wipes to your office stapler, scissors and other office supplies as well, places where germs can dwell long after you have touched them.
Products 1 - 9 of 9

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