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Copper Shark, Antimicrobial & Antibacterial Copper

Copper Shark, Antibacterial & Copper Hand Tools

Take the Copper Shark with you when you’re out in public to avoid touching high-touch areas like door handles. Thanks to its antimicrobial copper, the Copper Shark kills the germs it contacts, so they aren’t transferred to your hands. When you forget antibacterial products like hand sanitizer, the Copper Shark still defends you from the germs on public-use surfaces. This copper hand tool available at SQUIX is ideal for the elevator or ATM, so you don’t have to push buttons that might be contaminated.

Let the Copper Shark keep you protected from germs when you’re away from home. The antimicrobial copper tool helps you limit what you touch in public, pushing with the tip and even maneuvering handles with the shark’s mouth.

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Protect yourself with the Copper Shark, a tool that touches the areas you don’t want to.

Grab the Copper Shark and keep it in the car for times when you’re out and about without hand sanitizer or other antibacterial products. The antimicrobial copper tool features a fine-tipped end, able to press buttons in public, such as those found on ATMs or credit card machines. Like many other antibacterial products available at SQUIX, the Copper Shark kills 99.9% of bacteria it contacts, and you can use it in all types of places, from the elevator at the office to the front door of your apartment building. Also, the copper hand tool manipulates handles, so when you’re shopping it opens store doors for you.
Products 1 - 1 of 1

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