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Antimicrobial Bamboo Kitchen Accessories

Antimicrobial Kitchen Tools, Bamboo Flatware & Bamboo Kitchen Products

Many of the Core Bamboo kitchen utensils that SQUIX carries are effective at keeping germs away but they also make cooking, food preparation and meal presentation easier. From bamboo kitchen tools like cutting boards that help keep knives sharp to spatulas that are more gentle and durable than traditional spatulas, Core Bamboo antimicrobial products help your kitchen run smoother. Also, Core Bamboo products naturally fight off germs, so cleanup is much less intensive and frequent. Plus, bamboo flatware and other bamboo kitchen accessories are eco-friendly and organic which is easier on the environment.

Get Core Bamboo kitchen utensils for your kitchen at work and take the stress and germs out of the busy communal space. With bamboo kitchen tools like the cutlery and utensils at work, you'll rest assured that germs don't stand a chance, even after a lackluster cleanup from your coworkers. Also, Core Bamboo products are always fighting off germs so you don't have to, giving you more time for more important things. From bamboo flatware to bamboo dish racks, Core Bamboo antimicrobial products not only make your office kitchen a friendlier space for your colleagues, but they also make it unfriendly to food-borne bacteria.

Pick up bamboo kitchen utensils as a gift for a family member. With Core Bamboo kitchen tools, your loved ones worry less about food-borne bacteria and more about the things that matter most.

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Get Core Bamboo kitchen utensils and get help fighting germs in your kitchen.

When traveling, Core Bamboo kitchen utensils at SQUIX take away any fears about eating in an unfamiliar setting. Simply throw bamboo kitchen tools, like bamboo cutlery, in your travel bag and eat with confidence no matter where you are. Not only do Core Bamboo products help keep germs away from your food when eating, but the antimicrobial products also inhibit the growth of germs during travel and transport. In addition, bamboo flatware is light and portable, taking up little luggage space and barely adding any weight.

For camping, Core Bamboo kitchen utensils are ideal because they fend off bacteria from the great outdoors. With bamboo kitchen tools, like the utensil holder and the cutlery caddy, your eating tools are kept from touching potentially unsanitized picnic tables or public benches. Also, Core Bamboo products require less intensive washing, letting you conserve the water and soap you have available to you. Take Core Bamboo flatware with on your next picnic and eat surrounded by nature without thinking about the surrounding germs.

Even for the backyard, bamboo kitchen utensils are ideal because their antibacterial properties help keep your patio germs away from your food. Also, some Core Bamboo kitchen tools at SQUIX, like the cutlery caddy, feature handles that make transporting your tools between the kitchen and the patio a breeze. Plus, Core Bamboo products take the worry out of tracking outside germs back indoors into your kitchen. When you're finished, rinse bamboo flatware gently with soap and water and say goodbye to those outside germs.

Bring Core Bamboo kitchen utensils to the next barbeque you attend and instantly become the guest of honor. Core Bamboo kitchen tools, like the salad bowl and salad hands, fight off the different germs from the different hands as the food is passed around the table. Also, Core Bamboo products look beautiful, adding style to any table and sure to be welcome at any party. Get bamboo products, like bamboo flatware, bamboo utensils and other bamboo kitchen accessories to fend off germs that could make you sick.
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