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Antimicrobial Towels & Changing Table Pad Cover

Antimicrobial Jersey Crib Sheets, Baby Mats & Towels

At home or away, waterproof baby mats and other products from Cuddle Smart are essential items for baby care. Like Cuddle Smart towels, all Cuddle Smart products available at SQUIX are antimicrobial, so caring for your little one while traveling is just as easy as it is at home. Unlike other jersey crib sheets, Cuddle Smart sheets include silver threading to inhibit the growth of organisms and odor-causing bacteria. Also, like the changing table pad cover, Cuddle Smart products are comfortable and cozy, giving your little one the comfort they need when on the move.

While waterproof baby mats and other Cuddle Smart products are effective at doing their specific jobs, they are also environmentally friendly and gentle on skin. Not only are Cuddle Smart towels soft and absorbent, they are also made without any chemical treatment, so they don't leave a residue on your baby's skin. Similarly, Cuddle Smart jersey crib sheets, activity mats and other products are antimicrobial and more resistant to odor-causing bacteria, which means more time between washes, less detergents used and less energy spent. In addition, Cuddle Smart changing table pad covers and baby mats are made without harmful dyes and PVC.

With waterproof baby mats, changing pad covers and other Cuddle Smart products, germs don't stand a chance. Keep Cuddle Smart towels in every bathroom in your house and better protect your family's skin.

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Experience how waterproof baby mats make playtime easy when traveling with little ones.

Without waterproof baby mats when you're on the go, you'll need to dry out baby mats before continuing your trip or risk letting odors and organisms grow in the fabrics. That's why Cuddle Smart towels and other Cuddle Smart products available at SQUIX are so essential when you're out with your baby. From jersey crib sheets to play mats, Cuddle Smart products stay fresher longer, ideal for long trips. Plus, Cuddle Smart changing table pad covers and other products are light and travel-friendly, staying easy on your luggage.

Take waterproof baby mats from Cuddle Smart with you to the park and let your baby play on the ground without the worry of picking up nasty germs. At the beach, Cuddle Smart towels help remove whatever bacteria might have been picked up in the water, and they resist odors better than traditional towels as well. Let Cuddle Smart jersey crib sheets help your baby sleep easy at night, even in an unfamiliar hotel crib, keeping a barrier between their soft skin and whatever germs might linger in the mattress. In addition, a changing table pad cover from Cuddle Smart lets you change your baby in public restrooms without needing to trust that the surface of the changing table is free of germs.

For road trips, waterproof baby mats and other antimicrobial products from Cuddle Smart ensure that you won't be lugging around wet and stinky play mats in your car. Cuddle Smart towels also stay fresher in between washes, making them ideal for vacations, so you're not spending your time off doing laundry. Similarly, the antimicrobial jersey crib sheets don't let germs and organisms easily cling to them or grow, so you won't be transferring germs to your other luggage. Changing table pad covers, playmats and other Cuddle Smart products at SQUIX are machine washable, to restore the freshness when it is finally needed.

Bring waterproof baby mats and other Cuddle Smart products with you even if you're only visiting friends and family nearby. Cuddle Smart towels help clean up messy hands and germs, so your baby isn't spreading germs when they touch everything they see. Keep jersey crib sheets and other products in your baby bag to give your little one some familiar comfort when away from home. From a changing table pad cover to baby crib sheets, Cuddle Smart products are travel-friendly in more ways than one.
Products 1 - 6 of 6

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