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Antibacterial First Aid Kits & First Aid Supplies

Wound Care Products Antiseptic Cream, Antimicrobial Gel & Bandages

Store antibacterial bandages in the bathroom, kitchen and garage for minor accidents right when and where they occur in your household. Browse for first aid kits, antibacterial bandages and other wound care products at SQUIX, where you can find an array of easy-to-use wound care supplies all in one location. These first aid supplies can include antibacterial gels or creams that soothe wounds and help reduce the appearance of scarring. For a powerful antiseptic cream or wound gel, look for wound care treatments that zap methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, and continue to provide antibacterial protection for up to three days.

Place thick and absorbent antibacterial bandages on small wounds ranging from scrapes little ones obtain at the playground to minor burns from cooking mishaps in the kitchen. Store first aid kits in the car, your RV and boat for travel emergencies, and we have smaller travel first aid kits that fit handily into backpacks, diaper bags, briefcases and purses. Take vital first aid supplies along for road trips with your family, camping trips in the woods and for hikes in the mountains. Keep a travel size antiseptic cream in your pocket during a beach trip when a little one might slip on a rock while exploring sea anemone at low tide.

Antibacterial bandages are essential wound care products. We have first aid kits in smaller sizes for pockets and purses.

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Bring colorful antibacterial bandages to the playground for little falls that can result in scrapes.

Look for antibacterial bandages and other essential first aid supplies at SQUIX, and be ready for minor wounds at home or anywhere you and your family travel. Place first aid kits in the car and RV, and keep a first aid kit in your bathroom, kitchen and garage for quick treatment of small emergencies. We have other essential first aid supplies, such as wound gel and antibacterial sprays that fight germs and soothe bumps, scrapes and boo-boos. You'll feel better with antiseptic cream products and other wound care supplies close at hand, whether your little ones are playing in the backyard or your family is camping in the mountains.

Look for antibacterial bandages in a variety of shapes and sizes to dress wounds on elbows, knees, toes and fingers. Many first aid kits include bandages in different sizes, and these wound care products work especially well in tandem with antibacterial products that further help fight infections for scrapes, scratches and cuts. Bandages are vital first aid supplies, and we have bandages that are extra long and extra thick and absorbent, yet breathable. Stock up on antiseptic cream and don't forget bandages such as antibacterial bandages coated with antibacterial cleaner pads.

When kids get scrapes, antibacterial bandages are a smart choice, and the bandages at SQUIX can include colorful bandages in fun combinations, like turquoise, yellow, purple or green. Teach children to use first aid kits, too, so they can help out when a family member takes a fall during a family hike. Kids appreciate first aid supplies such as wound gels and antibacterial creams that they can carry in their backpacks to be part of the family emergency team. Parents appreciate antiseptic cream products that defend against harmful bacteria like methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, while also reducing the appearance of scarring.

Pack antibacterial bandages and other wound care supplies into your gym duffel for sudden cuts at the gym from gym equipment or a scrapped knee at the gym's swimming pool. Bring first aid kits with you when you play pick-up basketball with the guys to be prepared for a bloody nose from a thrown elbow. First aid supplies like Curad antimicrobial gel and antibacterial bandages fit handily into your backpack or gym locker. Keep antiseptic cream at the office to fend off bacteria from paper cuts at your desk, knife cuts in the kitchen or minor burns from touching microwave popcorn wrappers before they've cooled down.
Products 1 - 4 of 4

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