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Antibacterial Body Wash & Antibacterial Hand Soap

Dial Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap & Liquid Body Soap

Dirt and germs dislike Dial antibacterial soap, as most antibacterial soaps from Dial remove up to 99% or more of harmful bacteria. And Dial antibacterial body wash rids skin of germs, too, making it a must-have for every shower. Look for Dial antibacterial hand soap at SQUIX, in scented varieties or moisturizing formulas that soften skin. And try a Dial body soap that offers 24-hour odor protection to help you stay fresh for long days at the office or on vacation.

Add Dial antibacterial soap to your QBox order and keep a steady supply of liquid hand soap coming to your home. Dial antibacterial body wash is another smart choice for your QBox, so you don't have to run to the store every time you run out. Antibacterial hand soap is a kitchen and bath staple for washing hands, and liquid hand soap pump dispensers make it easier than ever to wash up after cooking, cleaning or playing. And Dial body soap helps get you ready for the day, and gets rid of dirt, grime and germs after a long day of playing sports or working outside.

Stock up on Dial antibacterial soap for home and the office, to fight germs on hands everywhere. And keep antibacterial body wash in your overnight bag for out-of-town work meetings or conventions.

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Using Dial antibacterial soap for hands is one of the best defenses to stop the spread of germs.

Fight germs with Dial antibacterial soap products from SQUIX. From Dial antibacterial body wash to Dial liquid hand soap, clean your skin and eliminate harmful germs at the same time. Try a doctor-recommended antibacterial hand soap from Dial to remove up to 99.99% of bacteria, and liquid hand soap is an easy way to cleanse and disinfect hands. Keep antibacterial body soap by Dial in the bathroom to enjoy an all-over clean while removing germs from skin.

Try a Dial antibacterial soap featuring a scent like pear for a refreshing and relaxing fragrance. Look for an antibacterial body wash that offers odor protection to keep you feeling fresh all day. Some Dial antibacterial hand soap is created with lotion to also soothe and moisturize skin while cleansing. The benefits of Dial body soap and liquid hand soap go beyond cleaning and killing germs.

At home, Dial antibacterial soap is an essential to keep at every sink for washing hands. And Dial antibacterial body wash is a must-have for each tub and shower in the house. Stock Dial antibacterial hand soap and liquid hand soap from SQUIX so you'll always have a replacement for kitchen and bathroom sinks, and for other areas where you wash up, such as the garage or back patio. And keep a Dial body soap in your gym bag so you can enjoy your favorite cleanser at the gym shower after you work out.

Take Dial antibacterial soap like liquid hand soap or body wash with you on your travels. Keep Dial antibacterial body wash in your RV or pack it in luggage when heading out for a long vacation so you don't have to rely on generic, sample-size hotel cleansers. For camping, Dial antibacterial hand soap is a smart choice, helping you clean up at the campsite or in park restrooms. And make Dial body soap a travel partner, too, if you spend time on the road, so showers at park or other facilities are as refreshing as at home.
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