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Antimicrobial Door Mats & Indoor Door Mats

Dr. Doormat Antibacterial Entrance Mats & Front Door Mats

Get Dr. Doormat antibacterial door mats, and put dirt, mud, bacteria and allergens in their place. These unique antimicrobial door mats available at SQUIX feature a treatment that creates a positive charge, disabling negatively charged microorganisms like mold, bacteria and fungus. Use the entrance mats as front door mats, and wipe your feet twice – the antimicrobial treatment in the mats can't be tracked through the house, and the mats trap and fight dirt and grime from the soles of your shoes – and pet paws. Keep the indoor door mats at the front, back and any other doors in the home to help prevent outside germs from entering.

Made of eco-friendly material, Dr. Doormat antibacterial door mats are essential for homes with babies, allergy sufferers, or homes with indoor-outdoor pets. The antimicrobial door mats battle the many toxins and bacteria that can cling on shoes and make their way onto your carpets, floors and furniture. The entrance mats look nice and work hard to keep your home protected from outdoor dirt and bacteria. Use the indoor door mats inside of each entrance to your home.

Pet lovers appreciate Dr. Doormat antibacterial door mats for cleaning dirty animal paws before they roam around the house. Set the antimicrobial door mats outside of kitty litter boxes, too.

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Innovative Dr. Doormat antibacterial door mats from SQUIX help keep dirt, mud and outside germs from invading your home. These unique antimicrobial door mats feature an antimicrobial treatment that bonds permanently with the mat's fibers, and it can't be tracked into the house. Wiping feet on these entrance mats helps prevent up to 90% of dirt, toxins, bacteria and allergens on shoes from getting into your home, and getting onto carpets, floors and furniture. Acting as scrubbing brushes, indoor door mats by Dr. Doormat are designed with a special bubble pattern that help get debris off the bottom of shoes and animal paws.

You'll want to use Dr. Doormat antibacterial door mats as front door mats, especially if most everyone enters your home through the front door. Keep the antimicrobial door mats at back doors leading to patios and garages, and any doors pets enter through. The antibacterial entrance mats are especially helpful for those who suffer with allergies or who have weak immune systems. And try the indoor door mats at busy areas in the house, like in front of the kitchen sink, to keep dirt and bacteria to a minimum.

Dr. Doormat antibacterial door mats from SQUIX are must-haves for those with cats and dogs. Wipe pet's paws on antimicrobial door mats, and help keep mud, allergens and bacteria they get in the yard out of the house. You'll want these entrance mats placed right in front of doggie doors so they're the first thing pets step on when they come into the house. Use the indoor door mats instead of towels or plastic mats under pet food bowls and near litter boxes, too.

Germ-fighting Dr. Doormat antibacterial door mats are practical mats to use in places of business, too. Dr. Doormat antimicrobial door mats are essentials for doctor's offices and medical clinics. The front entrance mats work ideally in busy offices and buildings that have a lot of foot traffic. And these indoor door mats make attractive front door mats to offer as a thoughtful housewarming gift to a family moving in to a new home.
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