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Travel Toothbrush Sanitizers For Adults & Kids

Dr. Tung's Adult Toothbrush Sanitizers & Kids Toothbrush Sanitizers

Get Dr. Tung's toothbrush sanitizers at SQUIX to get rid of germs on toothbrushes. The innovative, antibacterial travel toothbrush sanitizers use natural, dry disinfecting vapors – not chemicals – to kill germs. Dr. Tung's children and adult toothbrush sanitizers are FDA-registered, and use vapors of oils like clove, tea tree, lemon, peppermint and thyme to get rid of bacteria. And Dr. Tung's kids toothbrush sanitizers can feature fun animal designs and prints, so kid's enjoy using them.

Stock up on Dr. Tung's toothbrush sanitizers and refills so you'll always be able to kill germs on toothbrush bristles and heads between uses. Use them as antibacterial travel toothbrush sanitizers to also keep toothbrushes protected from dirt, hair and bacteria in your suitcase, or on hotel countertops. Dr. Tung's adult toothbrush sanitizers make practical gifts for dentists to offer to patients, or for companies to hand out during health fairs. And kids toothbrush sanitizers make clever Halloween treats, and are also ideal as stocking stuffers.

No-fuss Dr. Tung's toothbrush sanitizers simply snap on brushes, with no need for batteries. The antibacterial travel toothbrush sanitizers are also biodegradable.

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Zap germs easily with Dr. Tung's toothbrush sanitizers that use all-natural disinfecting power.

For easy disinfecting, use Dr. Tung's toothbrush sanitizers from SQUIX to kill germs on your family's toothbrushes. Ideal as antibacterial travel toothbrush sanitizers, the sanitizers simply snap on to the end of toothbrushes. The children and adult toothbrush sanitizers use dry vapor action to kill germs on brushes in between uses. Both adult and kids toothbrush sanitizers from Dr. Tung's are 100% natural, using the antimicrobial vapors of oils such as lemon, clove, tea tree, peppermint or thyme to kill germs.

So easy to use, Dr. Tung's toothbrush sanitizers take the place of standard toothbrush protectors. Along with germ-fighting power, antibacterial travel toothbrush sanitizers from Dr. Tung's also protect bristles and brush heads from dirt and hair in travel bags or on countertops. Use Dr. Tung's adult toothbrush sanitizers to sanitize and protect both manual and electric toothbrushes. Get kids toothbrush sanitizers for children as soon as they start using a toothbrush, and they'll get used to using disinfecting toothbrush covers early on.

Dr. Tung's toothbrush sanitizers at SQUIX are FDA-registered, disinfecting snap-on covers that work instantly to sanitize brushes. Look for colorful antibacterial travel toothbrush sanitizers and refills for toothbrush sanitizer snap-on covers. Try Dr. Tung's adult toothbrush sanitizers with fresh aromas such as mint. And most Dr. Tung's kids toothbrush sanitizers feature fun designs, such as animal shapes or prints, so kids love using them.

With Dr. Tung's toothbrush sanitizers, enjoy months of disinfecting power to help keep brushes clean and sanitized. Toss out the antibacterial travel toothbrush sanitizers after they've served their purpose – the toothbrush sanitizers are 100% biodegradable. Dr. Tung's adult toothbrush sanitizers offer an easy way to boost oral hygiene, and protect your family against common germs that are likely living on toothbrushes. You'll feel good using kids toothbrush sanitizers that don't use chemicals for disinfecting power.
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