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e-cloth Cleaning Cloths, Antibacterial Cloths & e-cloth Mops

e-cloth Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, Chemical Free Cleaning & Window Cleaning Clothes

For office cleaning, try e-cloth microfiber cloth products to eliminate germs and leave your workspace sparkling. The e-cloth cleaning cloths kill 99% of bacteria on almost every surface with only the addition of water. Whether it's a microfiber cleaning cloth for the office kitchen or an antibacterial mop for the floors, SQUIX has your office cleaning essentials covered. Browse our chemical free cleaning products and find what you need to keep your coworkers happy and germs away.

Stock up on e-cloth microfiber cloth products for every room in your workplace. Grab some e-cloth cleaning cloths for bathrooms to keep them clean for everyone. The microfiber cleaning cloth line also includes dish cloths, which clean dirt and grime, and kill 99% of germs without the need for soap. With chemical free cleaning products, a day of office cleaning won't leave behind a strong smell or the possibility of skin irritations, which leaves everyone happy.

Try an e-cloth microfiber cloth for daily cleanups or heavy-duty messes. These e-cloth cleaning cloths kill 99% of germs in your office without the need for chemical cleaners.

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An absorbent e-cloth microfiber cloth uses finely-woven fabric to eliminate grease, grime and germs using only water.

With the e-cloth microfiber cloth products available at SQUIX, destroy bacteria throughout the office, making it a welcoming space to work. We also carry e-cloth cleaning cloths for almost every surface you can think of, so you won't have to clean kitchens and bathrooms with the same antibacterial cloth. These microfiber cleaning cloths are ultra-absorbent and don't require heavy-duty soaps or cleaners to protect your workspace. In addition to being chemical free cleaning products, these cloths are also made of antibacterial fabric which means bacteria won't cling to them like they do with traditional cloths.

At the office, the e-cloth microfiber cloth is both gentle and powerful, which makes it a great option for cleaning electronics. The e-cloth cleaning cloths for electronics remove the dirt, grime and fingerprints that you see as well as the germs that you don't. The soft microfiber cleaning cloth for electronics features 1.6 million fibers per inch, so it picks up debris that standard dusting cloths tend to miss. Also, because these are chemical free cleaning products, your electronic device screens are not harmed during cleaning.

Select e-cloth microfiber cloth products from SQUIX for your office kitchen, and cut back on the spread of bacteria from other dish cloths and sponges. For the dishes, e-cloth cleaning cloths remove tough grease and stuck-on food while killing 99% of germs without the need for dish soap. Also, try the microfiber cleaning cloth for the range and stovetop, as it also removes dangerous bacteria like E. coli and listeria. These chemical free cleaning products give your office kitchen the germ-killing protection it needs, cleaning every surface within it, from the refrigerator to the kitchen floor.

By choosing an e-cloth microfiber cloth, your office space also cuts back on waste from traditional cleaning supplies like soaps, paper towels and one-time use wipes. The e-cloth cleaning cloths line also features products like window cleaning cloths that give your windows a smear-free finish. Also, the microfiber cleaning cloth material is machine washable and guaranteed for up to 300 washes. Other chemical free cleaning products include antibacterial mops and mop heads that give your floors the same e-cloth microfiber clean as your other office surfaces.
Products 1 - 20 of 21

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