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Antibacterial Fruit and Vegetable Wash & Produce Wash

Antibacterial Veggie Wash, Fruit Wash & Food Safe Wipes

Grab some food wipes when you're headed to a local farmer's market, and keep these handy produce wash wipes in your pockets when you buy fresh snacks. Look for veggie wash sprays from Eat Cleaner at SQUIX that not only clean produce but can extend the shelf life of food. With a vegetable wash spray or food wipes, you'll feel better leaving apples, oranges and bananas out on the counter for your family. Pack food safe wipes into your children's lunch boxes, and bring these fruit wash wipes to work to quickly clean fresh treats.

Look for food wipes in several sizes, and these on-the-go produce wash wipes can also be biodegradable and formulated with natural fruit acids and antioxidants. Bring a natural veggie wash with you when you and your family choose fall produce in the country because these fruit and vegetable wash sprays can be used on commercially and organically grown produce. Browse for a vegetable wash that's lab-tested and doesn't leave an odor or taste on fruits and veggies. Some food safe wipes are versatile sanitizers that can also clean utensils, baby pacifiers and dental gear.

Super-portable food wipes fit easily into backpacks and purses. At home, mist on veggie wash and extend the shelf life of fresh produce.

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Reach for food wipes to quickly wipe away chemicals, dirt and bacteria from produce.

Stock up on food wipes at SQUIX and don't just clean food, but sanitize cucumbers, nectarines, bananas and apples to protect your family from illness-causing germs. Look for a veggie wash spray in addition to food wipes, and send chemicals and dirt down the drain with a fast-misting produce wash. We also have vegetable wash refills in economical sizes so that you never run out of this essential food cleaning mist for everything from early summer strawberries to fresh fall pears. These food safe wipes and fruit and veggie wash sprays are ideal for use on both commercially grown and organic fruits and vegetables.

Handy food wipes quickly become your best buddies when you're shopping at the grocery store or picking out produce at a local farmer's market. Mist on a veggie wash or glide a veggie wipe across a fruit or vegetable to easily remove more harmful bacteria, residue and chemicals than cleaning with water alone. Some vegetable wash sprays and veggie wipes feature an all-natural, patented produce-washing formula that's tasteless, odorless and lab tested. Look for food safe wipes and veggies washes made with a blend of fruit acids and antioxidants, and some of these Eat Cleaner products can even expand the shelf life of fruits and veggies, saving you money throughout the year.

When you travel, pack food wipes into your carry-on bag, backpack, purse or pockets for on-the-go fruit and vegetable cleaning. Take fruit and veggie wash wipes to the office when someone brings in just-picked produce, or to double-clean that apple in your lunch bag. Not only fruit and vegetable wash products, some food wipes available at SQUIX can also be used to disinfect non-food items, like baby pacifiers and dental gear. Keep food safe wipes in the car glove compartment and feel confident about the fruits and veggies you consume from roadside stands, and bring food wipes with you when your family picks out pumpkins at the pumpkin patch in fall.

Use food wipes throughout the country to clean and remove chemicals from tasty avocadoes in California and to wash sweet oranges in Florida. With a fruit and veggie wash, clean apples from Washington State, marionberries from Oregon, peaches from Georgia and cranberries from Massachusetts. Reach for a spray vegetable wash or convenient fruit and veggie wipes to get rid of dirt and germs on Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and root veggies in the fall and winter. Use food safe wipes on apricots, limes, rhubarb and honeydew melons in the spring. Get plenty of food safe wipes and natural veggie wash for summer cherries, blueberries, bell peppers and okra.
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