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eLuxury Bamboo Pillow & eLuxury Bamboo Towels

eLuxury Hypoallergenic Pillow, Bamboo Pillows, Bath Towels & Antibacterial Towels

Grab an eLuxury bamboo pillow and other eLuxury products from SQUIX to give your family the best in allergy relief at home or wherever you go. The eLuxury bamboo towels, pillows and pillow cases are made with natural rayon from bamboo, which is hypoallergenic and antibacterial to help fight germs. In addition, the hypoallergenic pillow cover also breathes easier, which makes it much more comfortable for asthmatics or mouth-breathers. While away, take bamboo pillows with you so you won't have to take any chances with your health using hotel pillows.

While the eLuxury bamboo pillow is hypoallergenic, the material also combats dust and other bacteria, so the germ protection lasts longer in between washes than traditional pillows. Similarly, the eLuxury bamboo towels we carry are antibacterial which means they are more germ-resistant than standard towels, perfect for busy family bathrooms. Also, both the hypoallergenic pillow covers and towels are machine washable, so when they are dirty, give them a quick wash and the germ-fighting protection is restored. Whether it's bamboo pillows or bamboo towels, we carry the eLuxury products that put allergies and germs.

Pick up eLuxury bamboo pillows to protect your family from germs even while you sleep. We also carry absorbent eLuxury bamboo towels that resist germs that can hang out on towels.

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Sleep easier with an eLuxury bamboo pillow and put allergy symptoms behind you.

Fight allergies with eLuxury bamboo pillows available at SQUIX, so whether you're at home or traveling, you and your family sleep better. Also, grab eLuxury bamboo towels while you're at it to protect against germs as well as allergens. Pregnant women appreciate the hypoallergenic pillow as a firm but soft down alternative. Both the bamboo pillows and the bamboo towels travel lightly, so bring them along wherever you go, and get the same allergy relief as you get at home.

Before camping, throw an eLuxury bamboo pillow into the car when packing to make sure that allergies or asthma don't act up when you're away. Similar to the eLuxury bamboo towels, these pillows fight off the dust and pathogens that the great outdoors likes to carry, so you make memories without the germs. We also carry hypoallergenic pillow cases that resist mold and mildew, so if your pillow gets damp when camping, nothing starts to grow in the material. On hot nights, these bamboo pillows also breathe and keep cool, so you won't need to keep flipping them to find a cool side.

For kid's sleepovers, the eLuxury bamboo pillow in an overnight bag helps your child have allergy relief when away from home. And send along eLuxury bamboo towels, as they feature an antibacterial combined cotton material that fights germs that like to grow in moist fabrics, so your kid's damp towel comes home without any bacteria. Along with being hypoallergenic pillows, eLuxury antibacterial pillows also provide soft and firm medium support, so your kids get the same good sleep as at home. So grab enough bamboo pillows at SQUIX for your whole family, so nobody has to sacrifice their sleep patterns or their health when they're away.

Like the eLuxury bamboo pillow, bamboo towels also provide relief from allergens and from germs wherever you use them. At the beach, eLuxury bamboo towels not only work as ultra-absorbent towels, but they also resist the germs that might have latched onto you while swimming. Both the hypoallergenic pillow cases and the towels are also durable enough for washing machines, even getting softer with each wash. From bamboo pillows to towels, eLuxury designs the products to help allergy sufferers minimize their symptoms as much as possible.
Products 1 - 4 of 4

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