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Antibacterial Yoga Mats & Antibacterial Hot Yoga Mats

EquiFit Antimicrobial Gym Mats & Antibacterial Exercise Mats

Use EquiFit antimicrobial yoga mats as a barrier between you and germs. These innovative antibacterial yoga mats available at SQUIX feature built-in silver technology that protects against things like fungus, mold, mildew and odor-causing bacteria. If you share mats, antimicrobial gym mats by EquiFit are must-haves, as they stay fresh and more hygienic than standard yoga mats. In EquiFit antibacterial exercise mats, antimicrobial agents are contained in the mats' fibers to provide a barrier to bacteria and fungus.

Some EquiFit antimicrobial yoga mats are designed with a traction side for stability, and they're slip-resistant which makes them ideal to use as hot yoga mats. Not only do the antibacterial yoga mats hold up to sweat, but they also stay odor-free for a more comfortable workout. EquiFit antimicrobial gym mats roll up easily, and though they're washable, disinfecting them isn't necessary. Feel more Zen using antibacterial exercise mats that keep you even more worry-free during yoga sessions.

Don't worry about sharing EquiFit antimicrobial yoga mats in class. Silver technology in the antibacterial yoga mats battles bacteria, fungus and mold.

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Look for EquiFit antimicrobial yoga mats in different colors for home and class workouts.

With EquiFit antimicrobial yoga mats from SQUIX, keep a barrier between you and germs while working out. EquiFit products like antibacterial yoga mats feature patented silver technology that functions as built-in antimicrobial protection. EquiFit antimicrobial gym mats resist mildew, mold, fungus and odor-causing bacteria, along with offering a layer of protection between you and the floor. Disinfection for these antibacterial exercise mats isn't necessary, though the mats are washable.

EquiFit antimicrobial yoga mats stay fresh throughout workouts, even when you work up a sweat. Use EquiFit antibacterial yoga mats as hot yoga mats – the mats are slip-resistant, and you won't have to worry about odors on the mat. And try EquiFit antimicrobial gym mats designed with a traction side for durability. Plus, EquiFit antibacterial exercise mats are free of PVC and latex, making them the yoga mats you'll want to use for every session.

Instructors love EquiFit antimicrobial yoga mats from SQUIX to use as hot yoga mats or standard exercise mats in classes. As antibacterial yoga mats, EquiFit mats can be shared between students without the worry of transferring fungus or odor-causing bacteria. EquiFit antimicrobial gym mats are ideal to offer as gifts to yoga enthusiasts, too. The antibacterial exercise mats work as hot yoga mats in classes, or simply as comfortable exercise mats to use at home to do stretching, meditation or other activities.

Gyms can offer EquiFit antimicrobial yoga mats to new members as welcome gifts, and yoga instructors can give them to students as incentives. EquiFit antibacterial yoga mats make thoughtful gifts for friends and family who are getting back in to fitness, or who are yoga fanatics who love to take every type of yoga class available. When you get EquiFit antimicrobial gym mats, look for other unique products that suit active lifestyles. Find totes that carry antibacterial exercise mats, thanks to unique built-in carrying technology, along with products like fragrant yoga mists.
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