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All Purpose Cleaner & Disinfecting Spray

409 Disinfectant Spray & All Purpose Disinfectant Cleaners

With a 409 disinfectant spray from SQUIX, you can clean and sanitize more than kitchen surfaces. As antibacterial all purpose cleaners, 409 all-purpose cleaners tackle surfaces in the bathroom, garage and office to get rid of grime and germs. Many 409 all purpose disinfectant cleaners wipe out 99.9% of dangerous germs, letting you breathe a sigh of relief. Keep 409 disinfecting spray on hand to spruce up surfaces and to be ready when spills or messes happen.

Use a 409 disinfectant spray daily to rid kitchen and bath countertops of dirt and bacteria. For spring cleaning, 409 antibacterial all purpose cleaner helps you get rid of grime and grease on and around kitchen appliances. And 409 all purpose disinfectant cleaners keep bacteria and dirt away in the bathroom – on sink, tub, toilet and shower surfaces. Try 409 disinfecting spray in a fresh lemon fragrance that makes cleaning more enjoyable, and leaves behind a pleasant scent after disinfecting.

Look for a 409 disinfectant spray that's suitable for different surfaces in your home. Along with antibacterial all purpose cleaner made for the kitchen, 409 offers other cleaners suitable for unique surfaces.

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It's easy to refill 409 disinfectant spray bottles when you run out.

When it's cleaning time, 409 disinfectant spray from SQUIX helps you get rid of grease and grime on all types of surfaces. Reach for an antibacterial all purpose cleaner from 409 to tackle stains and messes in the kitchen, and to battle bacteria in the bathroom. Most 409 all purpose disinfectant cleaners offer all-in-one cleaning, so you don't have to stockpile numerous types of cleaners and carry them all around the house on cleaning day, or when sprucing up for guests. Simply grab multipurpose 409 disinfecting spray and get rid of dirt, grime and grease all at once.

Not only does a 409 disinfectant spray bust grime, but the disinfecting spray also gets rid of germs. A 409 antibacterial all purpose cleaner can kill most germs on contact, so your family and guests aren't exposed to common bacteria that can build up on surfaces. Spray 409 all purpose disinfectant cleaners on kitchen countertops, sinks and appliances to wipe out grease, grime and germs. And use a 409 disinfecting spray in the bathroom, to get rid of bacteria on sinks, counters, faucet and door handles, and toilets.

A multi-surface 409 disinfectant spray from SQUIX is suitable for all types of surfaces, from quartz countertops and stainless steel appliances to laminate and glazed tile. Try a 409 antibacterial all purpose cleaner featuring technology and design that help you get the very last drop out of the bottle. Check out 409 all purpose disinfectant cleaners in pleasing scents like lemon to leave a fresh fragrance after cleaning. Stock up on 409 disinfecting spray – you'll never want to be without the multitasking cleaner.

Keep 409 disinfectant spray at home and at work to keep all the surfaces you come into contact with sanitized. An antibacterial all purpose cleaner works ideally at home to sanitize everything from stove tops to shower doors, and it works just as well in office settings to clean and sanitize. Try 409 all purpose disinfectant cleaners to clean file cabinets and desk tops and to sanitize microwave exteriors and window sills. Outside, a 409 disinfecting spray battles bacteria and grime on patio furniture, sports equipment and pet areas.
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