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GermGuardian Room Air Purifier & Air Sanitizers

GermGuardian Air Purifiers, UV Sanitizer, Air Deodorizer & UV-C Air Sanitizers

Use an air purifier in the kid’s bathrooms and rest assured that germs, allergens and airborne particles are kept at bay. A GermGuardian room air purifier available at SQUIX runs quietly so it doesn’t keep your family up at night. By utilizing UV sanitizer technology, the air purifiers don’t produce chemicals or ozone either. Also, air sanitizer units fight off mold and mildew, helping to prevent organisms from growing in moist areas and fabrics in your bathrooms.

Get an air purifier for the bathrooms in your house and rest easier knowing that germs in the air are being eliminated. We also carry room air purifier replacement bulbs, which last approximately six to eight months.

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Fight germs with an air purifier and kill 98% of airborne bacteria.

While a GermGuardian air purifier available at SQUIX offers protection from bathroom bacteria in the air, their sleek design also adds style to any countertop. The room air purifier line at SQUIX also includes a choice of color depending on your preference. The UV sanitizer features UV technology that is used in hospitals and heavy-duty water purifiers. In addition to its air sanitizer capabilities, the chic purifier also has a USB port to charge electronics while you’re getting ready.
Products 1 - 2 of 2

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