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Antibacterial Gripping Arm & Antibacterial Handheld Device

Antibacterial Hand Grip Keychain & Antibacterial Keychain

Extend the handler with a simple touch of a button, and create an instant barrier between you and harmful bacteria, mold and fungi. The handler hand grip keychain fits handily into purses, pockets and briefcases, and these antibacterial handheld devices are vital tools for frequent travelers. With these hand grips, you can avoid touching door handles, keypads, elevator buttons and water faucets where germs may linger. This gripping arm is so strong and well designed it can pull up to 60 pounds without much effort on your part.

You'll appreciate the handler everywhere from the office to family picnics at public parks in the summer. Nano silvers give these hand grip keychain devices their antibacterial properties, and the nano silvers inhibit the growth of bacteria by starving the bacterial cells of needed oxygen. Versatile hand grips, the handler devices get a grip on door handles. Keep this gripping arm close at hand especially during cold and flu season for another layer of protection against illness.

The handler grips doors of most any diameter. Use this ingenious hand grip keychain to push elevator buttons and to turn off faucets.

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  • Handler, Antibacterial Hand Grip Handler, Antibacterial Hand Grip
    Handler, Antibacterial Hand Grip Handler, Antibacterial Hand Grip The handler is your dutiful servant, opening doors and pushing buttons for you to create a barrier between you and germs. This compact yet powerful antibacterial hand grip was designed with silver nano particles that inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi and mold.
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  • Handler - Antibacterial Hand Grip Handler - Antibacterial Hand Grip
    Handler Antibacterial Hand Grip & Antibacterial Keychain
    Handler - Antibacterial Hand Grip Handler - Antibacterial Hand Grip Handler Antibacterial Hand Grip & Hand Grips Keep the handler with you wherever you go so you don't have to touch germ-ridden surfaces. Get a hand grip for yourself, and several other hand grips to give to others – they're especially beneficial for children, elderly family members or anyone with a weak immune system.
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The handler is your best friend who doesn’t mind doing the dirty work for you.

Make the handler a part of your everyday routines, from opening doors to touching public keypads, and keep your hands and fingers protected from harmful germs. This innovative hand grip keychain is available at SQUIX and is a must-have antibacterial handheld device. Among hand grips, the handler is a standout for its simple and easy-to-master design that will help stave off bacteria for everyone in your family. Give kids this gripping arm to take to school for use on lockers and bathroom doors, and keep one for you to use at the office and around the home.

How the handler works is uncomplicated: this antibacterial handheld device creates a barrier between you and illness-causing bacteria, fungi and mold. The hand grip keychain features a button that deploys a gripping arm that grasps any door handle and holds on for turning and opening. Super-strong hand grips, these handheld devices are expertly crafted from a tough but lightweight zinc alloy that's covered in a durable rubber case that resists slipping. With this inventive gripping arm, pull up to 60 pounds with minimal effort.

Bring the handler with you everywhere because this gripping arm available from SQUIX is small enough for purses, backpacks, pockets, diaper bags and briefcases. For commuters, this hand grip keychain is a vital tool for defending against bacteria that can collect on handrails, stop buttons and seat levers, and you'll appreciate handler hand grips particularly during cold and flu season. Antibacterial hand grips, these gripping devices include nano silvers, which are powerful particles that deprive one-celled bacteria, fungi and viruses of vital oxygen. For more convenience, this gripping arm device features a d-ring so you can hook the handler to your key chain.

You'll love how the handler keeps germs at bay around the home, such as turning on and off rusty and grimy outdoor faucets. Take this hand grip keychain to family outings, from afternoon baseball games at packed stadiums to picnics at popular parks. These hand grips are antibacterial handheld devices that boost your confidence that you're doing everything you can to fend off germs at home, at the gym, at the office and other public areas. These ingenious gripping arm products make ideal birthday, promotion or holiday gifts for family members, co-workers and friends.
Products 1 - 2 of 2

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