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Anti Viral Tissues & Facial Tissues with Lotion

Anti Viral Kleenex, Tissues with Lotion & Facial Tissues

Make sure Kleenex antibacterial tissues from SQUIX are on your shopping list during cold and flu season. Kleenex anti viral tissues help stop the spread of germs by killing them inside the tissue. Anti viral Kleenex tissues feature three layers – the middle layer is moisture-activated to kill 99.9% of germs within 15 minutes. Kleenex facial tissues with lotion, Kleenex anti viral tissues and other Kleenex tissues are soft on skin, too, especially when you need to blow and wipe your nose constantly during a cold or when suffering with allergies.

Not only do Kleenex antibacterial tissues help battle germs within the tissue, but they offer peace of mind when a sick one can't wash their hands after every use. With anti viral tissues, cold and flu viruses are trapped inside and killed. When using anti viral Kleenex tissues, you'll feel confident knowing germy tissues aren't lying around, spreading more germs to other surfaces or hands. Keep Kleenex facial tissues in every room in the house, during allergy season, cold and flu months, and all year round for ease and protection.

Grab Kleenex antibacterial tissues before every cough or sneeze. Kleenex anti viral tissues kill 99.9% of cold and flu viruses.

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Using Kleenex antibacterial tissues, you can stop spreading cold and flu viruses.

Stock up on Kleenex antibacterial tissues from SQUIX, for everyday use and times when you or someone in your family is battling a cold, flu or allergies. Kleenex anti viral tissues are soft on skin, but tough on germs. And pleasing packaging make anti viral Kleenex boxes a nice addition to every room in the home. Keep Kleenex facial tissues in each bedroom and bath, and place a box in the nursery, kitchen, living room and office.

When you're sick, Kleenex antibacterial tissues come to the rescue of runny noses, teary eyes, sneezes and coughs. Soft anti viral tissues are easier on skin, and they work to kill germs during use and after. The middle layer of anti viral Kleenex tissues destroys cold and flu viruses with 15 minutes, so you don't have to worry about tissues left on beds, couches or in garbage cans. And try facial tissues with lotion featuring ingredients like aloe or vitamin E for a soothing touch on aggravated skin.

Kleenex antibacterial tissues are also helpful for wiping messy hands and faces. Use Kleenex anti viral tissues whenever someone in the house is sick, as they help stop the spread of bacteria and viruses. Anti viral Kleenex tissues and other facial tissues from SQUIX offer a way to battle germs before they spread, to help give parents peace of mind. Kleenex facial tissues also help during times when little ones get hurt or upset, to wipe away tears.

Take Kleenex antibacterial tissues along in the car or RV, so you have germ-fighting power on the go. Kleenex anti viral tissues are must-haves for the workplace, too, to help stop the spread of germs in tight office spaces and other work environments. Keep anti viral Kleenex close at hand during cold and flu season, to use for yourself and to share with others who may be ill, or trying to avoid becoming sick. And in the classroom, facial tissues are essentials for teachers who work hard to keep their students healthier.
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