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Lysol Disinfectant Spray & Lysol Antibacterial Spray

Lysol Spray, Disinfecting Wipes & Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Destroy bacteria with Lysol disinfecting spray from SQUIX and help protect your family from germs. Sanitize high chairs with Lysol antibacterial wipes to remove stuck-on food that could lead to the spread of germs on your baby's hands. In the bathroom, using Lysol toilet bowl cleaner helps reduce the distribution of airborne germs, which occurs every time your toilet flushes. Also apply Lysol disinfectant to windowsills, which can carry harmful molds and allergens from outside.

Sanitizing with Lysol spray also leaves surfaces smelling lovely with inspired fragrances. Disinfect surfaces with citrus Lysol wipes and enjoy a lemon aroma. Or use Lysol toilet bowl cleaner with a fresh scent that gets toilet bowls thoroughly sanitized without smelling like a hospital. Try Lysol disinfectant spray with scents of vanilla or blossoms to disinfect and experience an uplifting fragrance in your home.

Use Lysol spray to protect your kitchen from germs that can cause illness. Get Lysol disinfecting wipes to target commonly touched spots like stove knobs.

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Keep Lysol disinfecting spray handy to disinfect areas where kids play, like bedrooms and game rooms.

Stock up on Lysol disinfecting spray and other Lysol products from SQUIX to clean up after parties. Sanitize tables and chairs to minimize the spread of germs brought in from your guests. Tackle the bathroom with Lysol toilet bowl cleaner and other antibacterial bathroom cleaners to leave it looking and smelling as fresh as it did before the get-together. Then use Lysol disinfectant spray to bring your living room and kitchen back to sanitized perfection, removing odors and germs, so you're ready for your next celebration.

Bring Lysol spray and Lysol all purpose cleaner, as well as other Lysol products, to your new home before you move in. Use Lysol wipes to sanitize stair rails, light switches and door knobs to eliminate germs where they linger most. Use Lysol toilet bowl cleaner and Lysol All Purpose Cleaner to make sure your new bathrooms meet your high standards of clean. Then use Lysol disinfectant spray in kitchen cabinets or in bathroom cabinets to start disinfecting around the house before you start unpacking your belongings.

Put Lysol spray, Lysol concentrate and other antimicrobial or antibacterial Lysol products from SQUIX on your supply list for everyday household and office cleaning products. Get Lysol wipes to disinfect household wastebaskets where messes have slipped past the waste bag. And keep Lysol toilet bowl cleaner in the bathroom to remove water rings and to scrub thoroughly under the rim. Also use Lysol disinfectant spray to sanitize household rooms and pet areas.

Fight germs with Lysol spray after one of the kids in the house has been sick. Disinfect areas with Lysol wipes, especially surfaces your child normally touches, like toys and computer game consoles. Then with Lysol toilet bowl cleaner and Lysol all purpose cleaner, sanitize the bathroom from top to bottom to reduce the spread of germs. Use Lysol disinfectant spray in places where a child with sniffles spent most of their time getting better, sanitizing bedrooms from bed rails to nightstands to stop flu and cold germs in their tracks.
Products 1 - 9 of 9

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