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Antibacterial Travel Wipes & Disinfecting Kids Wipes

Me4Kidz Antibacterial Wipes, Disinfecting Wipes & Hand Wipes

Get Me4Kidz antibacterial wipes and other disinfecting products from Me4Kidz to clean and disinfect little faces, little hands and little boo-boos. Me4Kidz antibacterial travel wipes are on-the-go essentials that make killing germs and wiping away dirt easy when soap and water aren't available. In the car, Me4Kidz disinfecting wipes available from SQUIX are must-haves, to clean and sanitize hands before and after eating. And Me4Kidz hand wipes take care of messy hands and faces after road trip snacks or stops at rest areas or restaurants.

Gentle Me4Kidz antibacterial wipes don't sting, and the hand wipes are free of gluten and parabens. Convenient packs of Me4Kidz antibacterial travel wipes are easy to take along in car consoles, purses, diaper bags and carry-ons. When you need disinfecting wipes to sanitize little cuts or scrapes, Me4Kidz kids wipes also kill germs on minor wounds – up to 99 percent. Many packs of Me4Kidz hand wipes also feature fun, colorful designs that kids love.

Along with Me4Kidz antibacterial wipes in convenient packs, look for convenient travel kits. Get antibacterial travel wipes, hand sanitizer, bandages and more in handy Me4Kidz basics kits.

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  • me4kidz Diaper Bag Buddy QBox me4kidz Diaper Bag Buddy
    me4kidz Diaper Bag Buddy QBox me4kidz Diaper Bag Buddy Keep this me4kidz diaper bag kit on hand to have baby care essentials whenever and wherever you need them. Full of antibacterial wipes, bandages, a thermometer and more, these diaper bag sets make unique baby shower gifts for parents-to-be.
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  • me4kidz Little Buddy Wipe, 2 pack QBox me4kidz Little Buddy Wipe, 2 pack
    Kids' Disinfecting Wipes, Antibacterial Hand & Face Wipes & Kids' Antibacterial Wipes
    me4kidz Little Buddy Wipe, 2 pack QBox me4kidz Little Buddy Wipe, 2 pack Kid's Antibacterial Wipes, Disinfecting Face & Hand Wipes for Kids While other antibacterial wipes and hand wipes kill germs, these me4Kidz wipes kill 99% of germs as well as remain gentle on skin. The disinfecting wipes make quick work of spills and messes and even tend to minor scrapes without stinging.
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  • me4kidz Little Buddy Wipes me4kidz Little Buddy Wipes
    me4kidz Little Buddy Wipes me4kidz Little Buddy Wipes Little Buddy antibacterial wipes kill 99% of bacteria making these wipes essential for germy messes. The gentle antibacterial wipes from me4kidz are just the thing for tiny fingers and hands that end up in mouths, noses, ears or eyes.
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Made without alcohol, Me4Kidz Little Buddy antibacterial wipes make disinfecting boo-boos easier on kids and parents.

Take along Me4Kidz antibacterial wipes from SQUIX wherever you go, and have the germ-fighting protection of convenient kids wipes. Try Little Buddy antibacterial travel wipes by Me4Kidz to kill up to 99% of bacteria on little hands and faces, and even on minor owies. Me4Kidz disinfecting wipes clean dirt away and also provide antibacterial protection. The hand wipes come in especially handy when no soap and water are available.

Me4Kidz antibacterial wipes are better for kids than standard disinfecting wipes, as they don't have alcohol that can sting. And Me4Kidz antibacterial travel wipes are also free of parabens and gluten. Look for Little Buddy disinfecting wipes that offer comforting fragrances like cucumber or tea tree. Not only are Me4Kidz hand wipes easier on kids, but they're also non-toxic kids wipes that are earth-friendly, and never tested on animals.

Keep Me4Kidz antibacterial wipes from SQUIX in the car to wipe up little hands and faces, or little messes on car seats. Use the antibacterial travel wipes to sanitize kids' hands before they enjoy a snack. Pack Me4Kidz disinfecting wipes in purses or diaper bags to wipe hands and faces before sitting down at a diner or ice cream shop. Hand wipes are essentials, as a large percentage of infections are spread by hand, and little ones tend to touch their mouths, eyes and noses often.

Be prepared with Me4Kidz antibacterial wipes before you set out on road trips or planes. Me4Kids antibacterial travel wipes offer peace of mind when handwashing facilities aren't available. And the disinfecting wipes make it easy to clean and disinfect hands when you're stuck in the car or in an airplane seat. Though they make ideal hand wipes for kids, adults love them, too, to sanitize their own hands before and after meals, or before and after changing baby's diapers.
Products 1 - 3 of 3

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