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Look for disinfectant sprays from MonoFoil at SQUIX. These everyday disinfectant sprays get into hard-to-clean areas throughout every room in your house. Powerful antibacterial sprays, these household cleaners are a cinch to use and quickly remove set-in stains, pet accidents, fingerprints and greasy buildup. Because all purpose cleaners are so versatile, you'll want to keep one in the kitchen, bedroom, nursery, garage and mud room.

We have MonoFoil disinfectant sprays that kill household pathogens, so you'll feel better after misting on these antibacterial all purpose cleaners. Gentle everyday disinfectant sprays, these all purpose cleaners can be used around your puppy's sleeping quarters as well as your baby's changing area. Some of these antibacterial sprays and other all purpose cleaners feature odorless, colorless formulas that won't leave behind harsh residue or odors. You'll especially appreciate these all purpose cleaners during cold and flu season.

Use strong disinfectant sprays to rid surfaces in your home of pathogens. Try MonoFoil everyday disinfectant sprays that are gentle enough for use around pets.

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Potent disinfectant sprays tackle grime, from soap scum and hard water stains to built-up grease and pet messes.

Reach for powerful disinfectant sprays for a thorough spring-cleaning or when company is coming and you need to get the bathroom ship-shape in a flash. Look for everyday disinfectant sprays by MonoFoil at SQUIX that fight filth and defend against germs, even after cleaning. With these antibacterial sprays, you'll eliminate many household pathogens that could make your family sick. You'll love how versatile all purpose cleaners quickly clean up accidents and messes and tackle set-in grime on kitchen counters and in bathrooms, bedrooms and nurseries.

For strong disinfectant sprays, consider all purpose disinfecting sprays that are so effective they're used in hospitals and veterinarian clinics. These everyday disinfectant sprays are still gentle enough to be used around children and your fuzzy friends. Mist on these antibacterial sprays to kill up to 99.9% of household germs, and these all purpose disinfecting sprays can help to reduce cross-contamination of germs and antibiotic-resistant bacteria on surfaces as well. What makes these hardworking all purpose cleaners even better is that they create an antibacterial shield on surfaces that provides protection between cleanings.

Arm yourself with disinfectant sprays that work in every part of your house, from the kitchen to the garage, from built-up food particles to hard water stains. With the everyday disinfectant sprays available at SQUIX, get into difficult-to-reach areas in bedrooms and home offices, and use these all purpose cleaners in the baby's nursery and kids' rooms. Reach for antibacterial sprays when your pooch or kitty has an accident on the floor and quickly stop the germs before they spreads. These potent all purpose cleaners remove grease from kitchen stoves, fingerprints from the refrigerator door, and mold and mildew from bathroom basins, tubs and showers.

Healthcare-grade disinfectant sprays don't have to smell harsh to battle grime and illness-causing germs. We have everyday disinfectant sprays that are colorless and odorless and leave no chemical residue behind. Some antibacterial sprays, disinfectant liquids and cleaning powders offer light, lovely scents that leave rooms and surfaces smelling extra fresh. Along with large-size all purpose cleaners, consider smaller size versions that be used for travel, from road trips with the family to a weekend getaway at a coastal cabin.
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