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Antimicrobial Toothbrushes for Kids & Adult Toothbrushes

Antimicrobial Manual Toothbrushes & Electric Toothbrushes

In your bathroom, toothbrushes are probably the most important cleaning tool you have because our mouths are a hotbed for germs. With both electric toothbrushes and manual toothbrushes available, Mouth Watchers toothbrushes at SQUIX all feature antimicrobial protection, so your bristles are better protected when not in use. Both manual toothbrushes and electric toothbrushes from Mouth Watchers feature innovative designs and technology that help you get into the difficult areas in your mouth. You'll find adult toothbrushes and youth toothbrushes, so your entire family gets the same mouth care.

Grab toothbrushes for your home that are gentle on your teeth and gums but hard on germs and gingivitis. When you get electric toothbrushes from Mouth Watchers, make sure to stock up on replacement heads, so there's no downtime when it's time to switch heads. For those who prefer manual toothbrushes, Mouth Watchers has designed a head that features flossing bristles that get in between teeth and below the gum line for a better clean. Whether it's adult toothbrushes or youth, manual or electric, Mouth Watchers toothbrushes are made to clean better and last longer.

Fight germs with toothbrushes that kill germs on the bristles when not in use. Mouth Watchers electric toothbrushes and manual toothbrushes both feature antimicrobial silver technology that kills 99.9% of germs on bristles.

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Get Mouth Watchers toothbrushes for your family, and kill germs in mouths and on toothbrush bristles.

Pick up toothbrushes that are as effective when traveling as they are when used at home. From electric toothbrushes for adults to manual toothbrushes for kids, SQUIX has your mouth care needs covered with Mouth Watchers antimicrobial toothbrushes. Unlike other manual toothbrushes, Mouth Watchers toothbrushes feature antimicrobial silver technology which fends off germs so you don't transfer them to your mouth. Both adult toothbrushes and kid's toothbrushes also feature comfortable grips, making them easier to use.

Unlike many travel toothbrushes that sacrifice effectiveness for portability, Mouth Watchers toothbrushes fit easily in your travel bags but also help kill germs that are picked up when on the move. Both Mouth Watchers electric toothbrushes and manual toothbrushes kill 99.9% germs within six hours, so whatever germs may have been picked up in your luggage will soon be gone. In the hotel, your manual toothbrushes are susceptible to whatever bathroom germs may be on the counter, but you'll rest assured that Mouth Watchers toothbrushes are always working for you to fix that. Plus, not only the adult toothbrushes work this hard, your little ones get the same protection with children's toothbrushes.

When camping, toothbrushes have nowhere to hide from outdoor germs, so bring a toothbrush that fights back. Bring Mouth Watchers electric toothbrushes and manual toothbrushes when camping, so brushing your teeth performs double duty, killing germs and helping floss between your teeth, giving you more time to enjoy yourself. While other manual toothbrushes hold onto germs that were removed from your mouth, Mouth Watchers toothbrushes at SQUIX kill them, ensuring your next brushing is just as effective as your last. Forget about sanitizers for adult toothbrushes and just bring along a toothbrush that does that work as well.

For little kids, finding toothbrushes that are as effective as they are gentle is difficult. While electric toothbrushes are fun to use, manual toothbrushes help teach your little ones how to properly remove plaque and other mouth bacteria. That's why Mouth Watchers manual toothbrushes get into the problem areas in their mouths like pockets and grooves, cleaning effectively even when little ones are learning to brush. Plus, just like adult toothbrushes, Mouth Watchers youth toothbrushes are antimicrobial, so throw them in your kids' overnight bags and trust that their mouths are protected even on sleepovers.
Products 1 - 6 of 6

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