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All Purpose Antibacterial Cleanser & Disinfectant Cleaner

Mr Clean Antibacterial Cleaner & Multi Purpose Cleaner

Choosing Mr Clean Antibacterial Cleaner at SQUIX allows you to save time and money. By using Mr Clean all purpose antibacterial cleanser, you won't need an arsenal of cleaning products to get rid of dirt and germs in your home. A Mr Clean disinfectant cleaner is suitable for every room and most every surface, from kitchen counters to bathroom floors. Plus, Mr Clean multi purpose cleaner works just as powerfully to disinfect extra-dirty areas like inside garbage cans and around toilet bowls.

With Mr Clean Antibacterial Cleaner, enjoy a fresh scent while cleaning, and a fresh scent that lingers afterward. And know that the all purpose antibacterial cleanser wipes away dangerous germs like salmonella and E. coli. It's the one disinfectant cleaner brand you'll want to keep on hand for everyday jobs in the kitchen and bath. And Mr Clean multi purpose cleaner is ready for any job when it's time for spring cleaning or tidying up spaces after the holidays.

Every household benefits from Mr Clean Antibacterial Cleaner. A Mr Clean all purpose antibacterial cleanser kills germs and grime, and takes the place of a large arsenal of various cleaning and disinfecting products.

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Mr Clean Antibacterial Cleaner gets rid off 99.9% of bacteria.

Use Mr Clean Antibacterial Cleaner and other Mr Clean products from SQUIX to rid surfaces of grime and germs. As an all purpose antibacterial cleanser, Mr Clean is suitable for use in every room of the house, and outdoors. The disinfectant cleaner works hard in the kitchen to sanitize countertops, sinks and floors, and tackles dirt and bacteria on most every bathroom surface. It's a multi purpose cleaner that leaves rooms fresh while eliminating germs that can make you sick.

The germ-fighting power of Mr Clean Antibacterial Cleaner offers peace of mind, as it eliminates 99.9% of bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella. When you use the all purpose antibacterial cleanser to wipe down dirty counters, you'll appreciate that harmful germs are being removed, too. Stock a Mr Clean disinfectant cleaner in your arsenal of cleaning products, as you'll reach for it every time to conquer stains, spills and everyday messes. Plus the multi purpose cleaner is a must-have for regular cleaning chores such as cleaning toilets, mopping laundry room floors and sanitizing showers.

In Mr Clean Antibacterial Cleaner, you won't find chlorine, bleach or ammonia. A Mr Clean all purpose antibacterial cleanser removes dirt, grime and germs without these harsh chemicals. Try a Mr Clean disinfectant cleaner with a pleasant fragrance such as citrus, so a fresh scent is left behind after cleaning. Grab a Mr Clean multi purpose cleaner from SQUIX and tackle most every surface in your home easily without having to carry around numerous cleansers and sanitizers.

For big jobs, Mr Clean Antibacterial Cleaner is your go-to cleanser, as it's suited for more than just everyday jobs. Use the all purpose antibacterial cleanser to sanitize diaper pails and garbage cans. Try Mr Clean disinfectant cleaner to get rid of dirt and germs in pet eating and sleeping areas. And carry the multi purpose cleaner to wipe off and disinfect patio furniture, barbecues and sporting equipment.
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