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Disinfect with PhoneSoap products and feel free to hold your phone to your face without fear of germs. Use phone sanitizer like a UV phone sanitizer and keep your cell disinfected. Short Page Content With PhoneSoap products from SQUIX you can take your cell anywhere and keep it protected from germs. Simply use phone sanitizer to kill 99.9% of germs that can live on your mouthpiece or screen protector. Also try UV phone sanitizer to zap germs while you recharge. A PhoneSoap UV cellphone sanitizer uses UV light to destroy germs before they make you sick with your next call.

For phone users, PhoneSoap products are a must to prevent a dirty screen from spreading bacteria and viruses. Try a phone sanitizer like a PhoneSoap case to create a barrier between you and germs, leaving you with a clean phone. Or use a UV phone sanitizer and destroy germs high-tech using UV radiation. Every charge of your UV cellphone sanitizer is a thorough cleansing to reduce bacteria.

Get PhoneSoap products along with your next phone purchase. Your phone sanitizer is just as important as your charger and screen protector.

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With PhoneSoap products, you destroy germs without harming your phone.

Rely on Phone Soap products from SQUIX to prevent germs from coming back to you after you shared your phone with a friend. Use a phone sanitizer to disinfect your phone after a friend touches the screen to look at a cool picture. And with a UV phone sanitizer, you don't have to always keep disinfecting with sprays and wipes. Use a UV cellphone sanitizer that easily plugs in so you can pass your cell to a pal without fear of germs.

Using PhoneSoap products regularly prevents the transfer of germs during texting, as our fingertips pass germs easily onto our touchscreen. Apply a phone sanitizer like a sanitizing polish that forms a shield against smudges and bacteria. Try a UV sanitizer as an easy measure for minimizing germs with UV light, so you aren't always wiping your screen. The UV cellphone sanitizer delivers germ-fighting power every time you plug it in, so a clean phone is just a charge away.

PhoneSoap products from SQUIX are a go-to when you accidentally drop your cell in a sink or toilet. Having phone sanitizer around takes the ick factor out of that next call, knowing that a PhoneSoap sanitizer destroys germs that can cling to your phone and could possibly make you sick. A UV phone sanitizer destroys the DNA of bacteria using a special wavelength. And the UV cellphone sanitizer fits all sizes of phones, so you can fight germs no matter what your make and model.

Unique PhoneSoap products are essential for kid's cell phones. Use a PhoneSoap phone sanitizer to reduce the bacteria of germy selfies with friends or a shared phone in the school washroom. A UV phone sanitizer is also ideal for after school, minimizing the germs accumulated from the playground or school cafeteria. Also a UV cellphone sanitizer makes it easy for kids to sanitize themselves when they plug it in at the end of a school day.
Products 1 - 8 of 8

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