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Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizer & Organic Hand Sanitizer for Kids

Kids Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer & Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizers

Get Rainbow Research hand sanitizer at SQUIX in the large size for your home and a travel size for your purse or car because to sanitize hands wherever you go. With organic hand sanitizer in your home, cleaning dirty hands doesn't feel like a chore or a hassle. Also, Rainbow Organics hand sanitizer for kids is gentle on skin, so it doesn't bother sensitive little hands. The antibacterial hand sanitizer removes the dirt you can see as well as 99% of germs that you can't.

After playtime, Rainbow Organics hand sanitizer quickly removes the dirt and grime that your little ones picked up in the backyard. Also, use organic hand sanitizer in place of soap and water when your kids are coughing and sneezing to prevent germs being spread throughout your home. Unlike other hand sanitizer for kids, Rainbow Organics hand sanitizer is strong enough to kill even the toughest cold and flu germs while staying gentle on skin. Rainbow Organics antibacterial hand sanitizer is made with natural ingredients, putting you at ease as to what's cleaning you children's hands.

Make Rainbow Organics hand sanitizer a must-have for your home and your luggage. With an organic hand sanitizer that kills 99% of germs, you're set when water and soap aren't available.

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We carry Rainbow Organics hand sanitizer for the home and in travel-sized bottles.

For travelers, hand sanitizer isn't just a good idea, it's essential. That's why organic hand sanitizer from Rainbow Organics at SQUIX comes in travel-friendly sizes, so your kids have better protection from germs no matter where you go. Rainbow Organics hand sanitizer for kids is easy to store in any bag or luggage or even your pocket, so there's no excuse not to carry it. Keep antibacterial hand sanitizer in your car as well, so you're never without germ-killing power when you're away from home.

Bring Rainbow Organics hand sanitizer with you on your next vacation and stop worrying about where a bathroom is if your kids get dirty hands. With organic hand sanitizer available, long walks don't need frequent stops to wash your kids' hands, allowing you to see and enjoy more. Also, Rainbow Organics hand sanitizer for kids in the travel size is light and won't add to your backpack weight on those long walks. By carrying antibacterial hand sanitizer, you'll stop cringing every time your child picks up a stick or grabs a pole in public.

When camping, antimicrobial hand sanitizer is one of the most important things you can bring. With an organic hand sanitizer, like Rainbow Organics hand sanitizer available at SQUIX, you'll conserve the soap and water you have for the jobs that really need it the most. Plus, Rainbow Organics hand sanitizer for kids is easy to use, so give older kids a bottle and let them explore the area without worrying about the germs they'll bring back. In addition, Rainbow Organics antibacterial hand sanitizer at your campsite means less bathroom breaks to wash hands, which means more relaxing time for everyone.

Keeping Rainbow Organics hand sanitizer in your car saves you time and energy when you're on the road. On road trips, organic hand sanitizer makes short work of sanitizing hands before eating in the car, and you won't have to pull over to wash hands at a rest stop. More than just a hand sanitizer for kids, Rainbow Organics is strong enough for adults, so use it after shopping or after work, and go home without the germs. Also, travel-sized antibacterial hand sanitizer easily fits in your glove box or center console, so a trip to the park with the kids ends with as little germs as it began.
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