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Antibacterial Wipes & Disinfectants Sprays

Disinfectant Sprays, Antibacterial Multi Surface Wipes & All Purpose Disinfectants

Bring out Seventh Generation multi surface wipes from SQUIX on cleaning day to easily tackle countertops and other surfaces. Also include disinfectant sprays in your household cleaning arsenal to kill germs. Antibacterial wipes are ideal for disinfecting doorknobs, light switches and remote controls. And all purpose disinfectant like Seventh Generation disinfectant easily removes germs from toilets, sinks and showers.

With multi surface wipes, clean car interiors including surfaces like dashboards and steering wheels. Disinfectant sprays are useful for cleaning door handles and other commonly touched areas that harbor germs. Antibacterial wipes reduce germs on radio knobs and glove compartment latches. Spritz the all purpose disinfectant on seat belt buckles and kill contact germs instantly.

Try multi surfaces wipes to kill germs that cause odors. Disinfectant spray kills germs on contact on a variety of surfaces.

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Keep multi surface wipes handy for cleaning up small messes at home.

Rely on Seventh Generation multi surface wipes from SQUIX to disinfect after a family member has been sick at home. Also get disinfectant spray to clean toys and high chairs. Cleanse crib rails with antibacterial wipes to prevent the spread of flu and cold germs. And bring out the all purpose disinfectant for sanitizing the bathroom and kitchen.

Clean your home with multi surface wipes when preparing for the arrival guests. Use disinfectant sprays to clean the guest bathroom so it's fresh when friends or family arrive. The antibacterial wipes come in handy for leaving a fresh scent while cleaning, so visitors have a positive first impression when they walk in your home. A spritz of all purpose disinfectant around the kitchen leaves it gleaming and welcoming as well.

Grab Seventh Generation multi surface wipes from SQUIX when it's time to clean up after a party. Also bring out disinfectant sprays to wipe down refrigerators, countertops and other surfaces touched by guests. Tackle the bathroom with antibacterial wipes, cleaning faucets and towel bars. All purpose disinfectant is useful for cleaning folding tables and chairs set up for the party, so they are ready to be put away for your next gathering.

Bring multi surface wipes to clean a new home before moving in. Take out disinfectant sprays to prepare your new kitchen, leaving surfaces disinfected and shining. Use antibacterial wipes to go through the house, removing the germs of the last owners from stair rails, door knobs and light switches. Spray all purpose disinfectant on bathroom surfaces such as the vanity and shower tiles to leave them clean and fresh for moving day.
Products 1 - 2 of 2

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