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Antibacterial Soap & Liquid Hand Soap

Antibacterial Hand Soap & Antibacterial Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap

Get Softsoap hand soap from SQUIX to clean hands after working outdoors. The antibacterial soap kills germs you can pick up from flowerbed gardening, yard work or working on the car in the driveway. Softsoap liquid hand soap also softens hands with moisturizers. Make Softsoap your go-to cleanser to keep outdoor germs at bay.

Rely on Softsoap hand soap to get hands sanitized after working in the garage. The antibacterial soap removes harmful germs and grime that can get under your nails. The liquid hand soap also leaves hands smelling fresh. With Softsoap, you leave dirt and grease in the garage where it belongs.

Use Softsoap hand soap to kill harmful bacteria on skin. This antibacterial soap also kills salmonella.

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Softsoap hand soap is a dermatologist-tested antibacterial hand soap.

Introduce Softsoap hand soap from SQUIX to your kids, so they learn the importance of washing hands. Teach them how antibacterial soap kills germs they can't see and how these germs can make them sick. Show them how liquid hand soap is easy to use to get hands clean after using the bathroom or before dinner. Make sure the Softsoap pump dispenser in their bathroom is always full.

Turn to Softsoap hand soap after preparing meals that include raw meats and kill food-borne germs. The antibacterial soap destroys harmful bacteria on your hands that could otherwise come into contact with foods while you are busy in the kitchen. A quick pump of liquid hand soap with warm water does the trick. Make Softsoap an essential part of kitchen sanitation for the health of you and your family.

After cleaning house, use Softsoap hand soap from SQUIX to make sure your hands are also clean. Softsoap antibacterial soap helps protects you from germs on the surfaces you touched while doing housework. And the liquid hand soap is gentle on skin, so it leaves hands soft. Lather up with Softsoap so your hands stay as clean as your home.

Go to your Softsoap hand soap dispenser after your work commute to fight the germs on all the surfaces that you touched while traveling. The antibacterial soap destroys germs from taxi cab door handles and commuter trains. And the liquid hand soap also kills the germs from bus hand rails and all the hands you shook at business meetings. Wash with Softsoap to stay well after your trip home from work.
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