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When you're looking for SQUIX sanitizing products, our new home package contains some of the most powerful and effective house cleaning supplies on the market. From hand sanitizer to dish detergent, the products we carry are meant to kill germs on almost any surface you can imagine. While making ideal housewarming gifts, the household cleaners at SQUIX are also perfect for your own home, so spoil yourself. With disinfectants for the bathroom, the kitchen and more, the cleaners available at SQUIX help you kill germs in almost every room in your house.

By gifting SQUIX sanitizing products like new home packages of house cleaning supplies, you're showing friends and family how much you care about their health, as well as making their lives easier while cleaning household surfaces. Throw in some hand sanitizer so they'll also kill germs on their hands. As housewarming gifts, the household cleaning products available at SQUIX are truly housewarming, killing germs everywhere and making the home much more inviting. By including disinfectants that clean multiple surfaces, gifts from SQUIX, like the new home package, are beneficial to everyone and every home.

Get a number of SQUIX sanitizing products in a pre-packaged collection and takes the guesswork out of shopping. Also, grab some hand sanitizer and stay as protected from germs away from home as you are in it.

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With prepackaged SQUIX sanitizing products, your shopping just got a lot easier.

Let our prepackaged SQUIX sanitizing products package make your shopping and your cleaning easier than you ever imagined. From hand sanitizer to dish soap, we carry products that easily remove the dirt you can see and the germs that you can't. Whether its housewarming gifts for others or for your own home, the cleaning products at SQUIX include some of the best household surface cleaners you'll find. Also, stop buying disinfectants separately and let us gather everything you'll need in our new home package to kill germs in any home.

In the bathroom, SQUIX sanitizing products are strong enough to eliminate the toughest of germs in hard-to-reach areas. While hand sanitizer or soap and water destroy germs on your hands, household cleaning products rid your bathroom surfaces of germs as well. As housewarming gifts, the new home package from SQUIX contains several products that are specifically designed for the bathroom, as well as others that work on other surfaces throughout the home. Let the disinfectants we've gathered go to work for your home's bathrooms and take some more time for yourself.

For the kitchen, SQUIX sanitizing products erase the fears of cleanups and transferring food-borne bacteria so you focus more on the enjoyment of cooking and less on the work afterward. From hand sanitizer to antibacterial dish soap, the products we carry make food preparation easier, eliminating food-borne bacteria from your hands and surfaces before they are passed on elsewhere. Give these products as housewarming gifts to the cooks and foodies you know, and give them the same peace of mind that you have when you're in the kitchen. Whether it's surface disinfectants or hand sanitizer for the kitchen, SQUIX carries the products that help keep your home sanitized.

When friends are moving, SQUIX sanitizing products are a thoughtful and incredibly helpful gift. From hand sanitizer to pre-packaged household cleaners, we carry products that clean up and kill germs in the rooms that have been emptied as well as the rooms that are being filled. In terms of housewarming gifts, SQUIX offers the products that focus on the entire household, not just a few of the rooms. Plus, the selection of disinfectants and sanitizers at SQUIX is vast, so whatever you're looking for and whatever the job, we have your cleaning supplies covered.
Products 1 - 17 of 17

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