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Verilux UV Sanitizer & UV Light Sanitizers

Verilux Toothbrush Sanitizer, UV Sanitizing Wand & Sanitizing Vacuums

With a Verilux toothbrush sanitizer, your family no longer needs to sacrifice oral care when you're away from home. Like most Verilux UV sanitizer products we carry, the travel toothbrush sanitizer is light and portable making it a no-brainer for any trip. Without a UV toothbrush sanitizer, your toothbrush collects bacteria that, when you brush next, go into your mouth. So whether it's the UV wand or the travel toothbrush sanitizer products, SQUIX has all your portable germ-killing needs covered.

When traveling, Verilux toothbrush sanitizers provide the comfort of knowing your family's toothbrushes are being protected from whatever germs linger in your bags. Most Verilux UV sanitizer products are small and light but pack the same germ-killing punch that heavy-duty products offer. If you like the UV toothbrush sanitizer products we carry, you'll love the sanitizing portable vacuum, which not only sucks up dirt, but also kills viruses and bacteria like H1N1 and MRSA. Also, grab the portable UV wand, so you feel the same clean comfort that you feel at home no matter where you are.

Select the Verilux toothbrush sanitizer to give your toothbrush the same germ care that you give your mouth. Also, look for other UV sanitizer products like the UV sanitizing wand which kills 99% of bacteria.

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Grab the Verilux toothbrush sanitizer for your next trip and give your toothbrush a vacation from germs.

For your next trip, Verilux toothbrush sanitizers and other UV light sanitizer products should be first on your list of things to bring. The UV sanitizer products at SQUIX offer the same germ protection as our homecare products in light, durable packages. A Verilux UV toothbrush sanitizer not only delivers a chemically free disinfection, but it also looks great on any countertop. Also, try the UV wand from Verilux – it fits easily in your luggage and kills germs quickly on hard surfaces.

Even at hotels, a Verilux toothbrush sanitizer is necessary because you never know where germs are hiding. The Verilux UV sanitizer line is meant to travel easily and stylishly, so pack up your kid's toothbrush in a travel toothbrush sanitizer and throw it their overnight bag for sleepovers. In addition to the UV toothbrush sanitizer, we also carry a portable vacuum to bring on trips to clean up quick messes and kill germs while you're at it. Also, the portable UV wand we carry is perfect for long road trips to kill any bacteria that might have accumulated during the journey.

When camping, the Verilux toothbrush sanitizer is a must-have because germs in the great outdoors are not so great if they get in your mouth. That's why a UV sanitizer case is so important because after you brush, you can place your toothbrush in it and let the UV disinfection destroy any bacteria that the brush collected from your mouth. Even for short trips, UV toothbrush sanitizer products are a must because they shelter your toothbrushes from airborne bacteria as well. From a UV wand to a toothbrush sanitizer, SQUIX has the portable UV disinfection products that travelers need.

At home, keep a Verilux toothbrush sanitizer ready so that when you do take a trip you already have it packed and ready to go. Other UV sanitizer products like the portable vacuum with UV-C technology isn't only a vacationer's dream cleaner, it's powerful enough to use in the home, killing germs and deodorizing while you vacuum. With the UV toothbrush sanitizer, the portable sanitizing vacuum and other UV light sanitizer products, make wherever you are a home away from home. From the UV wand to the travel toothbrush sanitizer, let us help make your next trip the best by bringing UV technology germ protection along with you.
Products 1 - 4 of 4

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