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WC Antibacterial Toilet Brush

WC Wunder Brush & WC Wunder Toilet Brush

Start using WC Wunder products to clean your bathroom and stop the spread of germs. The WC Wunder brush features an antimicrobial silicone head which destroys germs in your toilet bowl, and its drip- and stick- resistant surface won’t collect and store germs in the brush holder. Every bathroom needs an antibacterial toilet brush to make toilet cleaning an easy task. Grab the WC Wunder toilet brush available at SQUIX and have fewer germs in the bowl.

With WC Wunder products like the easy-to-use antibacterial toilet brush, rid your toilet bowl of water stains and germs. Set a WC Wunder brush beside each toilet in your house to quickly clean bowls when needed.

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WC Wunder products such as the antibacterial toilet brush get into hard-to-access areas.

Bring WC Wunder products to your office bathroom to help keep your shared toilets cleaner and more presentable for everyone. The WC Wunder brush that SQUIX carries reduces the mess left behind because the brush doesn’t hold onto or track waste like bristled toilet brushes. The antibacterial toilet brush has a sanitizing ability that helps get rid of germs in the toilets, so your employees aren’t passing around sicknesses. At home, the WC Wunder toilet brush is easy-to-use, so even the kids pitch in and help.
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