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Disinfectant Wipes & Antibacterial Wipes Wet Ones

Wet Ones Travel Size Sanitizing Wipes, Antibacterial Wipes & Disinfectant Wipes

At home or away, Wet Ones wipes contain all the germ-killing power you need for any non-porous surface. Wet Ones disinfectant wipes at SQUIX take the chore out of cleanups because they don't require any water or additional products – just quickly wipe and toss. Wet Ones antibacterial wipes, in addition to killing germs, also remove allergens from surfaces, which makes them ideal for allergy season and allergy sufferers. Plus, travel size sanitizing wipes take up little space, making them easy to store most anywhere.

Take Wet Ones wipes with you to work and kill germs on your office surfaces quickly and easily, whenever you need. The disinfectant wipes are great for messes on hard surfaces, and they are soft and gentle on your skin as well, so use them after lunch. Plus, Wet Ones antibacterial wipes are formulated with aloe, so even on the coughing and sneezing days when you need them frequently, your hands won't dry out. Keep travel size sanitizing wipes in your purse or in your desk and stop worrying about germs in your place of work, or wherever else you go.

Use Wet Ones wipes when you want to kill germs on your hands that have been picked up throughout the day. Wet Ones disinfectant wipes kill 99.9% of bacteria on contact and keep your hands feeling smooth.

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With Wet Ones wipes, germs don't stand a chance on your skin or surfaces.

Grab Wet Ones wipes to keep germs off of your skin and surfaces no matter where you go. You'll find that disinfectant wipes at SQUIX not only have travel friendly packages, but they make travel less stressful. Whether it's antibacterial wipes in your car, your purse or your luggage, killing germs is easy with the disinfecting wipes. Wet Ones travel size sanitizing wipes are contained in convenient packages and tubs that keep them pre-moistened and ready to go whenever and wherever you need them.

When traveling, Wet Ones wipes are the ideal companion because they are not considered liquid and are able to be carried on flights. Wet Ones disinfectant wipes are easy to use, allowing you to quickly wipe down hotel room surfaces without wasting your precious vacation time. Even when you're out, antibacterial wipes easily fit in your purse or backpack, making quick work of dirty hands and faces when out sightseeing. Not called travel size sanitizing wipes for nothing, these tiny packages are light and space-conscious, making them nearly unnoticeable when carrying weight is a concern.

For the car, Wet Ones wipes at SQUIX fit easily in most cup holders, your glove box or your center console. With disinfectant wipes nearby, road trips don't have to be messy or germy, even if one of your passengers is sneezing or coughing along the way. In addition, antibacterial wipes in your car are helpful after shopping, so you don't bring home any unwanted germs with your groceries. Keep Wet Ones travel size sanitizing wipes sealed in their package and they'll stay moist, ready for use when you need them.

Take Wet Ones wipes in your purse or carrying bag because you never know when or where a mess may need cleaning. For new parents, disinfectant wipes are essential for wiping down restaurant high chairs, or food messes on your little one. When camping, antibacterial wipes help you conserve the amount of soap and water you need, cleaning messes and killing germs without requiring any water or soap. Also, throw some travel size sanitizing wipes in your kids' backpacks and know that they're equipped to clean up whatever messes they make when you're not around.
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