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Windex Antibacterial Spray & Disinfectant Cleaner

Windex Multi Surface Cleaner, Disinfectant Spray & Sanitizing Products

Choosing a Windex disinfectant spray from SQUIX for cleaning helps you achieve that famous Windex streak-free shine. But an antibacterial spray by Windex does so much more. A Windex disinfectant cleaner gets rid of dirt and grime, while also eliminating bacteria and viruses. And with a multi surface cleaner by Windex, you can clean and disinfect various types of surfaces, from stainless steel and glass to granite and tile.

Windex disinfectant spray and other disinfecting cleaners are must-haves when you want to rid your home of germs. Keep a Windex antibacterial spray in the kitchen to clean food prep and serving areas, and to remove grime from countertops and appliances. In the bathroom, Windex disinfectant cleaner rivals other traditional disinfecting cleaners by not only removing grime and germs, but by leaving behind no dull residue – just sparkling shine. Use Windex multi surface cleaner throughout the home to clean glass tables, shine windows and remove germs from most any non-porous surface.

Spray a Windex disinfectant spray on bathroom mirrors, shower doors, kitchen sinks and tile backsplashes. Using a Windex antibacterial spray makes removing dirt and germs quick and easy.

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With a Windex disinfectant spray, shine and clean all types of non-porous surfaces.

Products like Windex disinfectant spray go beyond cleaning glass. When you need an antibacterial spray that cleans and disinfects numerous surfaces in your home, choose one of the disinfecting products by Windex at SQUIX. A Windex disinfectant cleaner offers the streak-free shine that Windex products are known for. Additionally, a Windex multi surface cleaner eliminates dirt and germs on all types of non-porous surfaces in every room of the house.

Use a Windex disinfectant spray for everyday cleaning, and remove grime while killing germs. Keep a Windex antibacterial spray in the kitchen for everyday jobs like cleaning countertops, sinks and appliances. Most types of Windex disinfectant cleaner can be used on sealed granite or marble countertops, on stainless steel appliances and on appliances with enameled paint. And Windex multi surface cleaners that are also sanitizing cleaners take care of germs left behind after meal prep.

Tackle the bathroom with Windex disinfectant spray from SQUIX when you want to leave surfaces clean, sanitized and sparkling. A Windex antibacterial spray can kill up to 99.9% of germs on hard surfaces such as sinks, counters and toilets. Use Windex disinfectant cleaner to clean and shine bathtubs and showers without leaving behind any dull residue. Windex multi surface cleaner works on surfaces finished with glazed ceramic tile, vinyl and plastic.

Versatile sanitizing products like Windex disinfectant spray can be used in other rooms of the house to eliminate dirt and bacteria. Try a Windex antibacterial spray on plastic or vinyl toy chests, desks and chairs to remove dirty fingerprints and germs in children's play areas. Take a Windex disinfectant cleaner to the laundry room to remove dirt and grime on stainless steel or enameled paint washers and dryers. And spray a Windex multi surface cleaner on glass surfaces like windows and coffee tables to leave them sparkling.
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