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Antibacterial Wireless Wipes & Cleansing Towelettes

Sanitizing Phone Wipes & Antibacterial Phone Cleaning Wipes

Use wireless wipes from SQUIX to keep your family's phones sanitized. The phone wipes are ideal for cleaning kids' phones after they come home from school. Parents can use the phone cleaning wipes to reduce bacteria and viruses on their cells, too. Use these sanitizing wipes on every type of phone in the house to prevent the spread of germs.

Keep wireless wipes at the office for cleansing your office phones, which can harbor lots of germs. Toss these phone wipes in your desk drawer and grab cleansing towelettes every time you touch the receiver. These phone wipes are also useful for sanitizing your tablet as well. The phone cleaning wipes are essentials when office associates ask to use your phone. Also try sanitizing wipes to clean the office digital camera after use.

Pack wireless wipes for business trips. These phone wipes come in handy to clean your phone while traveling.

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Keep wireless wipes in different conveniently sized packages on hand.

While sick, wireless wipes from SQUIX can keep your phone from harboring nasty cold and flu germs. Use these phone wipes to regularly sanitize your cell between sneezes. The phone cleaning wipes easily destroy germs on touchscreens. The sanitizing wipes also clean the parts of your phone that come in closest contact with your mouth to leave your cell thoroughly sanitized.

Bring wireless wipes on your next family vacation to keep phones from getting you sick. The phone wipes are pre-moistened and ready to use to clean cells at the beach or amusement park. The phone cleaning wipes are also useful for keeping your camera clean after you pass it to a stranger for a family photo. Toss these sanitizing wipes in your suitcase as a must-have for family getaways.

Rely on wireless wipes from SQUIX to prevent hospital germs from infecting your phone. These phone wipes guard against cross-contamination from germy hospital surfaces you may touch while visiting a loved one or while at the doctor's office for an appointment. And the phone cleaning wipes are also useful for wiping hand rails and door handles outside the building. The sanitizing wipes stop the germs from going home with you after a hospital visit.

Give wireless wipes to teens, as they use their phone constantly and may not realize how easily they can get sick from contact germs. Show them how the phone wipes keep their phone sanitized without leaving streaks. They can take the phone cleaning wipes everywhere they take their phone, as they fit easily in a backpack. Have them use sanitizing wipes to help keep contact germs off their phone at school, at practice, at friend's houses and at the mall.
Products 1 - 3 of 3

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