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Antimicrobial Stain Remover & Pet Stain And Odor Remover

Disinfectant & Antimicrobial Pet Stain Remover and Woolite Stain Cleaner

Grab Woolite stain remover from SQUIX when furry friends are part of your family. Some pet stain removers handles more than just accidents from Fido, they can also help clean up unfortunate messes that contain blood or vomit. Spray disinfectant stain remover on stains throughout the house on carpets and furniture. Rely on Woolite stain cleaner to keep your carpets looking like new.

Try Woolite stain remover on upholstery as well, especially when your pets enjoy the sofa. Woolite pet stain remover comes in handy for cleaning up after a sick dog or cat. The disinfectant stain remover eliminates vomit stains from your couch cushions, along with urine accidents on the floor. And Woolite stain cleaner also leaves a fresh scent after cleaning.

Use Woolite stain remover to prevent re-soiling. Woolite pet stain remover includes a unique formula that discourages repeat accidents in the same place.

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Pick up Woolite stain remover after you pick up that new puppy or kitten.

Bring out Woolite stain remover from SQUIX when an aging dog or cat has difficulty avoiding accidents. With pet stain remover, manage feces and urine stains easily when they happen. And a disinfectant stain remover like Woolite also helps kill the germs that accidents leave behind. Woolite stain cleaner helps you handle the messes so you can enjoy your pets as they get older.

Rely on Woolite stain remover when anxious pets can't help accidents when they get excited. A spray of pet stain remover cleans up the stains when the doorbell rings and your dog gets too happy to hold it in. The disinfectant stain remover also comes in handy when noises like loud music, fireworks or home remodeling commotion makes pets uncomfortable, which can lead to messes. Have Woolite stain cleaner at the ready for those moments when pet enthusiasm or anxiety results in an accident.

Use Woolite stain remover from SQUIX when a new pet needs house training. A spritz of pet stain remover deters re-soiling and becomes essential for teaching dogs to wait for a walk. With a disinfectant stain remover, you can eliminate the germs that cause bad smells, so you can put up with your new cat's accidents without the unpleasant odors. With Woolite stain cleaner and some patience, keep the house clean while your new cat or dog learns not to make messes.

A bottle of Woolite stain remover is essential for any kennel, managing stains and keeping a pet environment clean. Use the pet stain remover to eliminate messes in areas where pets eat, sleep and play. A disinfectant stain remover like Woolite also helps reduce the odors in pet pens and cages, as well as cleaning up blood after injuries. Also get Woolite stain cleaner ready when a nervous new arrival at the kennel might mean an accident.
Products 1 - 1 of 1

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