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Woolzies Wool Dryer Balls & Laundry Balls

Woolzies Dryer Balls, Woolzies Essential Oils & Wool Balls

When you grab these dryer balls available at SQUIX, doing laundry becomes better for your family and the environment overall. These wool dryer balls reduce drying time, which means less electrical energy spent. Also, unlike other laundry balls that are made with plastic, these wool balls are made with environmentally friendly 100% pure wool. Woolzies dryer balls also last for up to 1000 loads, which is a lot of dryer sheets and garbage avoided.

Another positive is the dryer balls naturally soften laundry without the use of chemicals that are found in traditional fabric softeners. In addition, wool dryer balls reduce wrinkles and the need for ironing, resulting in again, less energy used. When these laundry balls come to the end of their life-cycle, throw them out and rest assured of their biodegradability. Use Woolzies dryer balls and change the way that your laundry affects the environment and your family.

Purchase dryer balls that cut back on drying time by 25%. With wool dryer balls, laundry is easier and less time-consuming than ever before.

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Use wool dryer balls to reduce the stress that your laundry puts on the environment.

By purchasing Woolzies dryer balls available at SQUIX, not only are you helping the environment when compared to other laundry methods, but you are also helping your family as well. While natural wool dryer balls reduce the time spent drying, purchasing them also reduces time spent shopping because they last for up to 1,000 loads. Also, laundry balls cut back on cleanup because there are no sloppy fabric softeners or static sheets to dispose of. With Woolzies dryer balls, you also have the option of adding Woolzies essential oils for added fragrance.

For allergy sufferers, these dryer balls are a must-have for your household. The all-natural wool dryer balls have no added chemicals, so itchy and irritating fabric softeners are a thing of the past. In addition to laundry balls, we also carry Woolzies essential oils which are 100% pure and chemical-free. In combination with Woolzies dryer balls, these essential oils also give your laundry germ-fighting antibacterial power, so many allergens are destroyed during drying.

With these dryer balls available at SQUIX, you’ll also cut back on time spent doing laundry and laundry-related activities, which means more time for yourself and your family. Because these wool dryer balls reduce drying time by 25%, you have more time to play hide and seek with the kids. Wrinkle-fighting power of the laundry balls also minimizes the amount of ironing needed, so your family’s clothes are ready to wear more quickly and with less effort. Also, Woolzies dryer balls remove static naturally, so there’s no more need for extra laundry products like anti-cling spray.

In addition to time-saving dryer balls, Woolzies essential oils perform double-duty in your house as well. While the wool dryer balls soften laundry and aid in the drying process, these essential oils add fragrant natural oils to your clothing, such as the calming scent of lavender. Just as laundry balls reduce the need to shop for additional laundry products, these essential oils also double as antibacterial household cleaners when diluted in water. Try Woolzies dryer balls and essential oils, and take back your time from laundry and give it to yourself and your family.
Products 1 - 5 of 5

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