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Sanitizers & Antimicrobial Products in the Home

Kitchen Sanitizing Wipes, Bathroom Disinfectant Sprays & Antibacterial Soaps

For all your disinfectant needs around the house, SQUIX carries the products to fight bacteria. A large selection of antibacterial products is available on our site – we're the first online retailer to gather germ-fighting products in one convenient place. We carry everyday antimicrobial products to battle germs like cold and flu viruses on common surfaces, along with innovative products to sanitize just about everything in your home. From hand sanitizer and antibacterial soap to antimicrobial kitchen gadgets and crib sheets for baby, you'll find all the essentials to help keep your family protected from germs.

Stock up on disinfectant spray and sanitizing wipes for every room in the house. And try unique antibacterial products such as disinfecting wands for chemical-free cleaning and UV air purifiers. Some antimicrobial products like kitchen and bathroom cleaners or hand soaps and sanitizers for baby are offered in convenient kits, making thoughtful gifts for new homeowners or families bringing home newborns for the first time. With our sanitizer products, you'll rest easier knowing your family has a clean environment to eat, sleep and play.

Grab a disinfectant for daily wipe-ups and intense spring cleaning jobs. We offer antibacterial products from many popular brands – and new brands sure to become your favorites.

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We carry many disinfectant products that kill 99% of germs.

When it comes to disinfectant products, you shouldn't have to run to different drug stores, markets or wholesale companies to find everything you need. That's why we make antibacterial products easy to shop for online at SQUIX – all in one convenient place. You want the best antimicrobial products to help protect your family and to keep your home clean, and that's exactly what we offer. From hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray to water filtration pitchers and antimicrobial sheets, enjoy finding everything you need to fight germs in your home.

We carry disinfectant for baby nurseries, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. You'll even find antibacterial products for your furry family members. Whether you need antimicrobial products to sanitize hands, floors, pillows or electronic devices, you'll appreciate our large selection of antibacterial products. Look for sanitizer products in traditional brands, and many from brands that use organic ingredients and that are easy on the environment.

Every home needs disinfectants to keep things clean, and to keep germs and bacteria at bay. Antibacterial products are especially essential when you want to help protect newborns, babies and toddlers using antimicrobial activity mats or changing pads. Everyday must-haves include antimicrobial products like antibacterial soap, sanitizing wipes and household cleaners. You'll also find unique sanitizer products like UV sanitizing wands, sanitizing wipes for computer and TV screens, and sanitizing phone chargers to help rid items of germs that can cause colds and viruses.

In the kitchen, disinfectant is a necessity, and we provide essentials to sanitize counters, sinks, appliances and floors. Look for innovative antibacterial products like bamboo dish racks and cutting boards, along with antimicrobial dish cloths and deep cleaning mops. Unique antimicrobial products for bathrooms include disinfecting toilet wands, antibacterial towel sets, antibacterial soap and sanitizing hand lotion. For offices, try a sanitizer to clean keyboards and computer screens, and in bedrooms, use antimicrobial pillows.
Products 1 - 20 of 225

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