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Housewarming Gifts, Baby Gifts & Antimicrobial Products

Antibacterial Products, New Home Gifts & Sanitizing Travel Gifts

Look for unique gifts available at SQUIX for housewarmings or to welcome new neighbors into the community. These housewarming gifts can include all-in-one cleaning and sanitizing sets that help new homeowners rid the house of most viruses, fungi and bacteria. We also have baby gifts that provide the cleansing power new parents want while delivering peace of mind that baby's play, sleep and eating areas are sanitized. Many antimicrobial and antibacterial products for new homeowners and parents are available in family-sized packages and in designs that are a cinch to use for quick clean ups.

Our sets of unique gifts for housewarming parties can include all-purpose cleaners, antibacterial dish soaps and multi-surface window and mirror sprays. Look for these housewarming gifts without fragrances, or choose antibacterial cleaning products that leave a lovely scent while stopping the spread of germs. Browse for sets of baby gifts designed specifically for boys or girls, and these handy sets can feature items like an antimicrobial onesie, a burp cloth and a sanitizing pacifier holder. Wrap little ones in antimicrobial or antibacterial softness with baby blankets made from a unique fabric formed from germ-fighting fibers.

You want to give unique gifts that will be used again and again. For unique housewarming gifts that stop the spread of germs, give travel sets that feature portable germ-fighting products.

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Unique gifts for recent moms and dads can include antimicrobial fitted crib sheets that fight germs and odors.

Unique gifts for housewarmings and baby showers should include germ-fighting products from SQUIX. Give these housewarming gifts to help new homeowners reduce bacteria in kitchens, bathrooms, kids' rooms and bedrooms. Antibacterial or antimicrobial baby gifts will help new parents feel reassured, and our baby gift sets collect several essentials for keeping surfaces around newborns squeaky clean. Consider antimicrobial gifts for little ones such as antibacterial burp cloths, and for housewarming gifts, look for handy all-in-one sprays that stop the spread of germs throughout the house.

Welcome neighbors with unique gifts that help keep germs to a minimum, and we have the brand name sanitizers and disinfectants that new homeowners know and trust. For housewarming gifts, look for renowned names in cleaning such as SQUIX, Lysol, Softsoap, Clorox, Windex and Scrubbing Bubbles. Like our germ fighting baby gifts, these new home gifts come in an array of easy-to-use designs, like rich, foaming disinfectant bath cleaner, trigger-spray bottles and small hand sanitizers that fit into purses, backpacks and briefcases. Your antimicrobial and antibacterial housewarming gifts are ideal for all kinds of homes, from urban condos to sprawling houses in the country.

New parents appreciate unique gifts for little ones that keep germs at bay in nurseries, on toys, in play areas and in other areas where little ones roam. For housewarming gifts for new parents, consider a baby blanket carefully crafted from an innovative germ-fighting material, and look for plush toys made from this same material that stops the spread of germs. Baby gifts at SQUIX include gift sets that round up items like an antimicrobial wicking burp cloth, fragrance free hand soaps and hand sanitizers especially formulated for baby's soft hands. Parents will appreciate antimicrobial baby products that inhibit mold, mildew and bacteria.

When you want to give unique gifts to new neighbors, homeowners and parents, discover germ fighters that you may have never have known existed. Look for clever housewarming gifts like antibacterial cleaners that remove smudges and germs from electronic devices, and these cleaners are alcohol and ammonia-free, causing no damage to sensitive gadgets or skin. Consider sets of baby gifts collected specifically for boys or girls that include baby music players, baby burp cloths and antibacterial hand cleaners. Neighbors will love antimicrobial and antibacterial travel kits when the family hits the road for vacation, and our kits collect vacation must-haves such as dry bags that keep wet items like bathing suits separated from dry items in suitcases.
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