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Sanitizing Wipes, Antibacterial Soap & Antimicrobial Products

An air purifier at SQUIX is a gift for your family that keeps on giving because this essential device helps keeps your home clean and fresh while reducing odors. We have hand sanitizer products in an array of sizes, including ones that fit easily into backpacks, purses, briefcases and gym duffels. Keep plenty of antibacterial soap in the bathrooms and kitchen so your family can fight germs throughout the house at any time. As you exercise, a water bottle with filter and backup filters are vital for clean drinking water when you want to rehydrate between sets and after workouts.

You'll appreciate an air purifier during the holidays, or other times your family entertains, and consider other household gadgets such as a bacteria-battling mist humidifier. We have plenty of hand sanitizer products from the brands you know and trust, and consider a mouthwash that kills up to 99.9% of germs on contact and provides 12-hour protection against germs. Using an antibacterial soap not only reduces impurities, but the daily cleanser also can smooth your facial appearance and leave skin silky-soft. Along with a water bottle with filter, browse our water filter pitchers for home that remove contaminants from all types of water.

Use an air purifier to keep your house clean and fresh, and an air purifier also reduces odors. We have hand sanitizer products in a variety of packages, for at home and on-the-go.

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Along with an air purifier, treat your family to other must-have products, such as sanitizing wipes and antibacterial bandages.

From an air purifier that provides reassurance that the air is cleaner to the best hand sanitizers, SQUIX has you covered for antimicrobial and antibacterial products for your house. Look for hand sanitizer products that fit easily into rooms in your house for reachable convenience. Antibacterial soap products not only fight germs, but many of these cleansing bars or liquids also leave your hands, face and body with a light, lovely fragrance. Did you know about water bottle with filter products that you can take anywhere for cleaner water? Along with sanitizing wipes, we have water bottles with filters that you can bring along on hikes and bike rides, or to the gym or yoga studio.

We make purchasing an air purifier, sanitizing wipes, antiseptic mouth wash products, disinfectants and other household products a breeze. Buying hand sanitizer products and other germ-fighting products is easy as we have them all in one place. These antibacterial soap products and other antibacterial and antimicrobial products are delivered right to your home or office, so you're not driving from store to store, wasting time and gas to find the products that you want. When you want a water bottle with filter, or other everyday must-haves, they're just a convenient click away.

An air purifier at SQUIX is a necessity for you and your family, and other essential products and gadgets to consider can include innovative toothbrushes with bristles that reach areas usually missed by traditional brushes. Stock up on hand sanitizer, and discover handy sanitizing wipes that may be available in large and economical canisters. Get plenty of antibacterial soap, and battle bacteria with other inventive products, such as pillow spray. Along with a water bottle with filter, shop for bottle filter replacements that continue to help eliminate and reduce all types of harmful parasites, chemicals and heavy metals.

Turn on your new air purifier and keep fresh, clean air pumping throughout your house while fighting common household particles known to cause allergies, coughing and wheezing. Keep plenty of hand sanitizer throughout the year, especially during the holiday season when the house is filled with friends and family. Wash with an antibacterial soap that not only fights bacteria, but also leaves your complexion glowing and rejuvenated. During workouts, sip a water bottle with filter that battles away microscopic parasites such as giardia and cryptosporidium.
Products 1 - 20 of 22

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