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Disinfectants & Antibacterial Sprays for Out and About

Filtered Water Bottles, Sanitizing Wipes & Pacifier Sanitizers

Find all your disinfectant essentials for fighting germs when you’re on the go. Antibacterial spray and other antibacterial products offer both choice and convenience. From filtered water bottles to antimicrobial totes, portable products are designed to provide the same protection when you are out and about as they have when you’re at home. Like resealable sanitizing wipes, travel-friendly disinfectant products are easy to pop into a bag for a quick trip to work or a long road trip.

Pick up some disinfectant for the office and make your workspace as safe as your living space. Grab an antibacterial spray to take to the gym so you can focus on your workout and not the germs around you. Take a filtered water bottle on your hiking trip or a bike outing, and get some additional filters for the future. We have it all, sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizers, antimicrobial phone cases and other products that are easy to bring along wherever you go.

Browse disinfectant products to keep up with you when you’re on the go. Antibacterial spray, disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizers are as effective on the road as they are at home.

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Check out disinfectant products that kill 99% of germs.

When it comes to disinfectant products that are portable and powerful, SQUIX has all the essentials you need. Products, like antibacterial spray, are easy to find and purchase online. If you need a filtered water bottle or a water filter, a disinfectant spray or an antimicrobial cloth, we have a selection of the best brands that are sure to satisfy. From sanitizing wipes to hand sanitizers, these products are effective and convenient, strong enough for any surface and portable enough for any trip.

The right disinfectant is not only important to have in the home but also when you’re on the road. That’s why we carry antibacterial spray and other antibacterial products that travel light for convenient usage in the car, at the gym, at the office and anywhere else you might go. Filtered water bottle and several other sanitizing products are even designed to help you keep your food and drink safe no matter where you are. Also, look for sanitizing wipes in resealable packaging, so regardless of the length of your next trip, your germ protection won’t dry out.

Most disinfectant is designed for use in the home, but because germs are not only confined to your living spaces, SQUIX also carries products with the travelers in mind. With a portable antibacterial spray, a quick spray lets you touch any surface anywhere with the same comfort you have at home. The same goes for a filtered water bottle that will put you at ease knowing that the water you’re drinking is filtered for toxins. You’ll also find sanitizing wipes and other sanitizing products that kill germs and bacteria with minimal effort.

At the gym, disinfectant is comes in handy when changing machines and or switching equipment use. In the car, antibacterial spray will come in handy to clean up spills that happen when on short trips to work or road trips across the country. A filtered water bottle is also essential, whether carrying the bottle with you to work, while hiking or for vacation. These products, from sanitizing wipes to disinfectant sprays, are designed for your busy life, killing germs and bacteria wherever you go and whatever you do.
Products 1 - 20 of 83

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