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Disinfectant Wipes & Hand Sanitizer for Kids

Germ Fighting Products for Kids Germs, Germs in Schools & School Germs

Sanitizing with disinfectant spray from SQUIX helps keep kids from spreading germs to each other at school. Cleaning desks with disinfectant wipes, along with toys and other shared items in the classroom, reduces cross-contamination that can lead to sick students. And with hand sanitizer readily available at the teacher’s desk, a simple squirt into small hands at the end of the day is also a good measure for germ-fighting. Help prevent kids germs from being carried home to siblings or passed to others on the school bus.

Using disinfectant spray is especially important when a child comes to school with the sniffles. Apply disinfectant wipes to everything a student touches, from door handles to borrowed pencils. Make sure hand sanitizer for kids is used by everyone else in the classroom. Keeping kids germs at bay requires a little awareness and a bit of pro-active sanitizing.

Sanitize the classroom with disinfectant spray at the end of the school day. Disinfectant wipes are also useful for getting popular books and toys sanitized for morning class.

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Consider using disinfectant spray on the classroom globe, as many little hands have touched it.

A spritz of disinfectant spray on classroom surfaces helps students avoid germs, as kids are more susceptible to infection than healthy adults. Get disinfectant wipes from SQUIX to clean cubbies and desks before kids come in every morning. And make using hand sanitizer for kids part of healthy habits they can learn. Make kids germs and how to protect against them a lesson plan that educates the class on products and tips for germ-fighting, from the proper way to sneeze without spreading germs to handwashing after bathroom use.

Bring disinfectant spray on the bus to use during field trips to museums and other school trip destinations. Travel size disinfectant wipes come in handy at the petting zoo. And hand sanitizer for kids is perfect when soap is nowhere to be found. Defying kids germs with travel size disinfectant, as well as antibacterial and antimicrobial products, helps maintain your germ-fighting commitment at every school outing.

A disinfectant spray in the classroom doesn't have to be harsh to be effective, as SQUIX offers many gentle cleansing alternatives. Try disinfectant wipes like products made with thyme oil for natural sanitizing. And organic hand sanitizer for kids is gentle on young skin while still defending against playground germs. Teachers can easily tackle kids germs at school with natural sanitizers and other organic cleaning products without compromising disinfecting power.

Keep disinfectant spray on hand to clean school supplies, as they can be notorious germ-carriers. Also try disinfectant wipes on pencils, books and school paste bottles that are touched constantly throughout the day. Have hand sanitizer for kids ready after a class project where scissors and crayons are shared. Minimizing kids germs on the things they use every day can also minimize sick days and improve class attendance.
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