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Antimicrobial Travel Products & Sanitizing Travel Size Toiletries

Hand Sanitizer, Lysol Spray, Travel Wipes & Travel Size Disinfectant

If you need antibacterial travel accessories for your next vacation, SQUIX carries the products that are easy to pack for short and long trips. The antimicrobial travel products come in a range of sizes, brands and packages to ensure that you will find the right product for the job. From sanitizing travel size toiletries to antimicrobial bags and cases, the products are ready for the road. Check out the antimicrobial travel toiletries and other antimicrobial products so you can go away with the right antibacterial products.

Many antibacterial travel accessories keep a safe barrier between the germs and you and your goods. Many of the disinfecting travel essentials shield and sanitize, like portable toothbrush holders and sanitizers. Also, sanitizing travel size toiletries won’t just stop working once you’ve applied them, but they can continue to fight the everyday germs that you will run into on your travels. So purchase the antimicrobial travel toiletries and other antibacterial products for your next trip, and leave the germs behind you.

Select the antibacterial travel accessories that will help keep your family safe from germs on your getaway. With the right antimicrobial travel products, you can kill 99% of the germs you encounter at home or away.

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We offer the antibacterial travel accessories that fight germs and keep spaces clean.

Don’t forget antibacterial travel accessories on your next trip to be prepared when traveling. With disinfecting travel products like our Lysol To Go spray, your next family vacation will be the cleanest one no matter where you go or how you get there. At SQUIX, we carry sanitizing travel size toiletries that will fit easily in any luggage and will transport just as easily, whether you’re going by train, plane or automobile. So don’t make antimicrobial travel toiletries an afterthought, and bring the safety and cleanliness of your home life with you on your travels.

For trips, remember antibacterial travel accessories to help protect your family from foreign germs. Without disinfecting travel essentials, pathogens that appear harmless to locals can challenge your immune system. Also, in airports today, sanitizing travel size toiletries are necessary to meet prescribed federal regulations. Keep sanitizing, antibacterial and antimicrobial travel toiletries at hand to help fight germs so you can focus on the vacation or business trip ahead.

Every trip should include antibacterial travel accessories to ensure that you’re not picking up germs that other travelers are spreading, especially when using public transportation. Some everyday disinfecting travel essentials for commuting include sanitizing wipes, to wipe down unclean or unfamiliar surfaces, or hand sanitizer to stop the spread of germs and bacteria you may have picked up. At SQUIX, sanitizing travel size toiletries are small enough to carry in your purse, briefcase or even your pocket, so keeping clean doesn’t need to be a nuisance. In addition to antimicrobial travel toiletries, we also have stylish antimicrobial traveling bags that will carry your goods during your public transportation commute without carrying any unwanted passengers like bacteria and other germs.

With antibacterial travel accessories, car trips will never be the same again. Disinfecting travel essentials, like disinfectant spray and disinfectant wipes will make cleanup a breeze with minimal waste, ideal when there are no garbage cans in sight. Sanitizing travel size toiletries fit easily in the glove compartment, center console or even the cup holders, making it easy to have clean and protected hands no matter where your road trip leads. Like antimicrobial travel toiletries, antimicrobial towels dry you off before getting back in the car after a day at the beach, and, best of all, the towels resist the odor causing bacteria so you can drive home without the smell.
Products 1 - 20 of 34

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