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Antibacterial & Antimicrobial Travel Products

Disinfectant for the Office, Sanitizer for School & Subscription Boxes

When you need antibacterial products for the house, don't waste time and money driving around town to different stores. Easily shop online for antimicrobial travel products for the home and the office at SQUIX. We carry the best disinfectant for the office and home, along with antibacterial products for pets, cars and travel destinations. You'll also find hand sanitizer for school settings, antimicrobial diaper bags, and disinfectant wipes for shopping carts and restaurant tables.

We have everyday antibacterial products for the house, such as antibacterial soap for the kitchen, bathroom disinfectant spray and sanitizing wipes for the home office. Grab antimicrobial products for travel to keep germs at bay on the go, such as antimicrobial spray that disinfects hotel exercise equipment and pillow mist that kills germs on hotel pillows and cases. You'll find fragrant disinfectant for the office and innovative cell phone chargers that kill germs using UV disinfection. Grab hand sanitizer for school and home, and stock up on items like antibacterial bandages and sanitizing wipes for first aid kits.

Look for bamboo antibacterial products for the house, such as cutlery sets and dish racks. For antimicrobial products for traveling with baby, we have clothing, bibs and blankies that resist mold, mildew and fungus.

Get all the antibacterial products for the house you need, all in one convenient place.

Finding the best antibacterial products for the house, the office, school settings and other locations is easy at SQUIX. We also carry antimicrobial products for travel, helping you protect family and friends from germs on the go. Whether you need disinfectant for the office break room or your kitchen at home, we offer all types of disinfectant sprays and antibacterial wipes from many popular brands. And look for hand sanitizer for school classrooms and other antibacterial products made of natural ingredients that don't leave behind a chemical residue.

Stock up on antibacterial products for the house, workplace and other settings by choosing convenient, customized monthly box subscriptions. Subscription boxes can contain antimicrobial products for travel, antibacterial products for pets or any other sanitizing or cleansing products you like. Select disinfectant for the office, a kitchen antibacterial spray or a disinfectant spray for the bathroom to be sent along with another featured product in your box. You'll receive your favorite sanitizer for school, home or work on a regular basis, with the opportunity to try out different products like a new antimicrobial spray or antibacterial wipes each month.

Browse the unique antibacterial products for the house, such as electronic device wipes or microfiber cleaning cloths that remove germs from keyboards, TV screens or smartphones. And find practical travel products, like antimicrobial baby blankets or bibs that help inhibit the growth of microbes. We also have popular disinfectant for the office and home, from brand names like Lysol disinfectant spray and Ajax antibacterial soaps. When you want gentle sanitizer for school classrooms and field trips, try organic hand sanitizer made with certified organic herbal extracts that won't dry skin.

Try antibacterial products for the house that pull double-duty at the gym, a vacation resort, the grocery store or other places you go. Versatile antimicrobial products or antibacterial products for travel include travel size toothbrush sanitizers, UV phone chargers that sanitize, and sanitizing wipes that remove germs on everything from dirty hands to yoga mats. Along with disinfectant for the office, home and travel, look for innovations that keep the air in rooms purified, like a UV sanitizer or an air sanitizer spray. Other unique products include sanitizer for school toys, pacifier sanitizers and car interior antibacterial sprays.

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