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Antimicrobial Phone Cases & Microfiber Cloths

Antimicrobial Travel Bags & Sport Water Bottles with a Filter

Take antimicrobial phone cases, available at SQUIX, everywhere and fight germs on the go. Bring microfiber cloths for removing oily residue from smartphone screens. And with antimicrobial travel bags, fight germs while you tote your essentials. Toss a sport water bottle with a filter into your bag as well to fight germs in drinking water.

When traveling, antimicrobial phone cases come in handy for fending off germs that can be picked up at airports and train stations. A few microfiber cloths are also useful for wiping down other electronics like tablets. Pack your gadgets in antimicrobial travel bags to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria. When thirsty, a sport water bottle with a filter offers a refreshing, pure drink of water while waiting for a flight.

Antimicrobial phone cases protect your phone from bumps and knocks. And the microfiber cloths remove greasy fingerprints from touch screens.

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Using antimicrobial phone cases protects phones from static charges.

With kids, antimicrobial phone cases, and other accessories available at SQUIX, keep dirty fingers from spreading germs. Microfiber cloths are especially helpful for cleaning the screen after the kids touched the phone. Other accessories like antimicrobial travel bags help organize your kid's toys while keeping them fresh. Also a sport water bottle with a filter keeps water from drinking fountains cleansed for thirsty kids.

Use antimicrobial phone cases and other accessories at the gym to prevent germs from gym equipment from going home with you. Also use microfiber cloths and phone cleaning spray as an added measure to wipe down your phone. And stow your gear in antimicrobial travel bags to reduce odors from gym clothes after working out. Grab your sport water bottle with filter and purify water from the drinking fountain while at the gym.

Bring antimicrobial phone cases, available from SQUIX when you go on vacation to keep germs at bay. Toss a microfiber cloth into your suitcase as well to wipe down your iPad or laptop when you pack your electronics. And enjoy antimicrobial travel bags for peace of mind on your trip, to repel bacteria, mold and mildew. For foreign travel, a sport water bottle with filter is essential for avoiding impurities in drinking water that can cause illness.

Give antimicrobial phone cases as gifts to those concerned about germs. Throw in microfiber cloths as a bonus for keeping screens spotless. For travelers, antimicrobial travel bags will be well-used by someone who cares about fending off germs picked up in baggage compartments, and an antibacterial copper hand tool is useful for grabbing door handles and pushing elevator buttons. For fitness fans, a sport water bottle with filter is a thoughtful gift they will put to good use.
Products 1 - 20 of 25

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