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Baby Play Mats & Antimicrobial Changing Pads

Antimicrobial Travel Bags & Travel Size Hand Sanitizer Wipes

Select baby play mats at SQUIX and protect your child from germs whenever you travel so your toddler can play without touching germs on floors. Take antimicrobial changing pads as well to change diapers without worries about contact germs on public washroom changing tables. Pack everything in antimicrobial travel bags to reduce the growth of germs that cause odors. Also bring travel size hand sanitizer wipes to prevent the spread of germs on little hands.

Bring baby play mats to the park without worries about germs, as the antimicrobial surfaces easily fend off bacteria, mildew and mold. Pack antimicrobial changing pads as well so refreshing diapers can be achieved on a park bench. Toss toys in antimicrobial travel bags to keep germs at bay while on the go. Also keep travel size hand sanitizer in your antimicrobial tote bag to sanitize hands after playing on swings and other playground equipment.

Select baby play mats that are waterproof and super plush. And use antimicrobial changing pads that are also quilted and soft.

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Antimicrobial baby play mats fold conveniently to take with you.

Pack antimicrobial baby play mats for a fun play date, and have a soft cushion between your child and germs on the floor. Also take antimicrobial changing pads from SQUIX to reduce the spread of germs during diaper changes, and to keep smelly diaper odors in check. Look for antimicrobial travel bags with secure compartments to stow all your baby's things for the day, from foaming hand sanitizer to bottles. Travel size hand sanitizer is a must-have when little ones are playing together and sharing toys.

Take antimicrobial baby play mats when you go on vacation with your family, so your child can play freely on hotel room carpets. Also pack antimicrobial changing pads so while at theme parks or restaurants a diaper change is simple and sanitary. Everything fits in antimicrobial travel bags as well, so germ-fighting protection is easy to carry. Throw in travel size hand sanitizer wipes for quick hand sanitizing when soap and water aren't available.

Have antimicrobial baby play mats ready when you take the older kids to soccer practice, so your youngest can play on the grass. Get antimicrobial changing pads at SQUIX to make a quick diaper change in the car. Toss antimicrobial travel bags in the trunk with toys and baby books knowing the antiimicrobial tote bags help minimize the growth of bacteria thanks to germ-fighting material. Pop travel size hand sanitizer in your purse or pocket as well for quick sanitizing before snacks on the sideline after the game.

Go on a road trip with antimicrobial baby play mats in your back seat so baby can play anywhere you stop without you worrying about germy surfaces. Bring out antimicrobial changing pads and change diapers for your baby on surfaces you may be hesitant to touch, knowing the germ-fighting fabric creates a protective shield. Toss other essentials in antimicrobial travel bags as a good measure for preventing the spread of germs as you make stops in different towns. And with travel size hand sanitizer in your center console you'll be prepared before stopping at restaurants, or after leaving rest stops.
Products 1 - 15 of 15

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