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Antimicrobial Travel Bags & Pocket Breath Mist

Antibacterial Breath Spray, Listerine Breath Strips & Antimicrobial Bags

Pack antimicrobial travel bags from SQUIX with essentials for staying fresh while traveling. Take pocket breath mist for a burst of freshness when meeting someone new in your travels. Antibacterial breath spray comes in handy for leaving breath minty and cool when chatting with a concierge. Also try Listerine breath strips to kill bad breath germs on contact.

Antimicrobial travel bags have easy-to-access compartments to keep emergency breath fresheners. Spritz pocket breath mist in your mouth while in close quarters on a bus or train. Or take out the antibacterial breath spray when a red eye flight has left your breath in need of immediate attention. Also lay Listerine breath strips on your tongue and exhale fresh breath as you get off the plane.

Zip up antimicrobial travel bags to catch a last-minute flight. Toss pocket breath mist in your bag when there's no time to brush, so you have fresh breath at your destination.

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Rely on antimicrobial travel bags to prevent odor-causing bacteria.

Sling antimicrobial travel bags onto your shoulders, knowing your travel basics are protected from germs when setting off to meet important clients. Take pocket breath mist for a burst of minty breath before meetings. Or use antibacterial breath spray to eliminate the airplane food odor from your mouth. Also Listerine breath strips at SQUIX are easy to use, dissolving into a refreshing breath enhancer that will boost your confidence.

Open your antimicrobial travel bags and grab antibacterial breath spray before you meet your new in-laws so you can revive your breathe. Or use a pocket breath mist to kill odor-causing germs with mouthwash intensity. Try antibacterial breath spray to minimize the unsuspecting bad breath you get from sleeping on the plane. Also use Listerine breath strips for fighting foul mouth odors before you kiss your new mother in-law on the cheek.

Drop your antimicrobial travel bags in your hotel room before meeting up with friends in the lobby. When you have pocket breath mist from SQUIX, you can head straight for the elevator with fresh breath. A blast of antibacterial breath spray also helps to eliminate dry mouth odors from hours of travel. And Listerine breath strips are yet another option, quietly refreshing your breath as your friends wave to you across the room.

Rely on your antimicrobial travel bags to keep your travel size toiletries clean when you are stuck at the airport due to delays. With pocket breath mist in your antimicrobial bag, you can also enjoy fresh, clean breath while waiting for your next flight. Also antibacterial breath spray comes in handy for keeping breath minty when passing the time with other travelers in the terminal. And Listerine breath strips give you a burst of invigorating mint flavor.
Products 1 - 5 of 5

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