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Antibacterial Car Cleaners, Disinfecting Auto Wipes & Sprays

Auto Cleaning Sprays, Disinfecting Car Wipes & Disinfecting Car Sprays

Get antibacterial leather cleaner at SQUIX and keep it handy when driving with kids. Use antibacterial leather wipes to kill cold and flu germs spread by a sick child. And with leather protectant sprays, destroy germs spread onto your dashboard by coughs and sneezes. Disinfecting auto wipes reduce viruses and bacteria on all your car interior surfaces.

Take out the antibacterial leather cleaner when it's time to wash the car. Sanitizing with antibacterial leather wipes kills germs and also leaves leather surfaces smooth and shining. And with leather protectant sprays you can restore that new car smell. Use disinfecting auto wipes regularly to prevent your leather upholstery from harboring germs that can make you sick.

The best antibacterial leather cleaner is safe for car interiors. Antibacterial leather wipes are a must-have for anyone who cares about their car.

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Disinfect with antibacterial leather cleaner to prevent the spread of germs in a shared vehicle.

Keep antibacterial leather cleaner in the house as well for cleaning your rec room leather furniture. Antibacterial leather wipes available from SQUIX work well on food spills and removing greasy hand marks from leather armrests. Spritz on leather protectant sprays to kill germs that pets leave behind when they sit on your leather upholstery. Disinfecting auto wipes are superb for disinfecting more than your car, as household leather chairs and couches need sanitizing as well.

Bring out the antibacterial leather cleaner after a long road trip with the family. Use antibacterial leather wipes for the steering wheel and dashboard, cleaning away the grime that comes from sitting in the car for long hours. Take the leather protectant spray to seat cushions where kids have dropped snacks while playing games. Rely on disinfecting auto wipes to leave a fresh scent and a shining leather interior for the next family vacation.

Turn to antibacterial leather cleaner after your teenager borrows the car. The antibacterial leather wipes available at SQUIX are essential for eliminating the ick factor from radio knobs and turn signal handles. And the leather protectant spray easily wipes away mystery stains on your leather surfaces. A few swipes with disinfecting auto wipes and you can enjoy your clean car again, until next weekend.

Take out the antibacterial leather cleaner after buying a used car and possibly acquiring all the germs from the last owner. Disinfect with antibacterial leather wipes, destroying potentially harmful germs deep in the seams of leather upholstery. Aim leather protectant spray at glove compartment doors and center consoles where germy hands have been. Renew your vehicle with disinfecting auto wipes so you can enjoy your ride with peace of mind.
Products 1 - 16 of 16

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