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Hooded Bath Towels & Antibacterial Towels

Bath Towels for Kids & Baby Bath Towels

With antimicrobial bath towels from SQUIX, your baby has plush and absorbent towels with the added protection of antimicrobial silver yarn that naturally destroys bacteria, keeping your towels fresher longer. Hooded bath towels also help regulate body temperatures, keeping your little one warmer even when the air outside the bath is chilly. Also, because antibacterial towels last longer between washes, they cost you less money and extend the life of the towels. When stocking up on bath towels for kids, grab towels that do more than simply dry skin.

Get soft antimicrobial bath towels that are also protective. With antimicrobial hooded bath towels, not only does bacteria get removed from your baby's skin, but it is eliminated in the towel's fabric as well.

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Use antimicrobial bath towels after bath time and say goodbye to odor-causing bacteria.

While antimicrobial bath towels at SQUIX are perfect for use at home, they work wonders when you’re out and about as well. Hooded bath towels are great for use at the beach where bacteria in the water is transferred onto your little one’s skin and then to their towels. With antibacterial towels, not only is more bacteria removed from the skin, but the odor-causing bacteria that likes to grow in moist fabrics afterwards is inhibited. Throw bath towels for kids in your beach bag after use, and forget about them until you get home without worrying about the bacteria that may have popped up during the drive.

Give the gift of antimicrobial bath towels to your friends and family with newborns and give them peace of mind as well. Offer hooded bath towels made without the use of harmful chemicals or dyes, so they won’t leave harsh residues on baby’s soft skin after use. When antibacterial towels are finally ready for a wash, toss them in the washing machine and revitalize their bacteria-killing power all at once. More than just bath towels for kids, baby bath towels are also for parents, allowing them the comfort of knowing their babies are being protected each time they dry them off.
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